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Bobby's Adventure lives up to the Hype !!

We was there any doubts. The Day had come for the SNL crew to head out for a 2 hr + drive to an unknown trail. Only knowing it was a 14k Climb to reach Pieries Peak at the foot of Mount Royal.

Well what a day, the team conquered Mt Royal and then conquered a burger and pint @ the Royal Hotel in Singleton following the epic 30k Adventure.

Huge thanks to Bobby and Di Perry to showing us a great trail. Ascending 600m up for the first 6km ! dropping down 3k and then another 5k back up to the campsite and out to Pieries Peak. Epic 360 degree views of the surrounding valleys, 30km of running and 1500m of elevation. We had 2 different starting points for diffenert distances to match all levels of fitness. the base was for 30km - 6km up for those doing 24km and 10k up for those looking for 20km. Bobby had it all sorted and the markers spot so everyone could get the most out of the course and enjoy the run.

Having Pete and Mark and Linda join from the base of the hill... We kicked it into gear climbing for 6km. Poles coming out only after a few km. Impatient Linda took off leaving Mark, Pete behind like a father and son bickering about who had packed there poles better. Their running poles in their pack that is. The legs were forced into gear from the start and I fought the urge to pull out the poles until about 5k in almost at the top of the first climb. The quad were working, and I looped but a few times to find Pete chasing Mark up the climb. Pete wheeling Mark in and then surging away each time his pole was in reach. Mark taking on a new running style, running with your head turned behind. Linda was out ahead still now with Bobby giving Linda a breakdown of what each rock and each tree on the trail meant to the area and the benefits of eating German sausages in the mountains. Don't be fooled Bobby even took on a wild boar. Just look at the scratch on his face, might have been the German sausage he had packed for the peak.

Meanwhile the other ladies were out ahead working steadily to the peak. Anissa and Dani pacing along with Nicole had taken off ahead leading the pack before having a Mexican stand off with a wallaby. It run at her twice she said before it stood it's ground and with a stand off. Nicole soon waited for everyone to catch up and after the second group with Mel and Laura had past she was able to continue knowing if that Wallaby had came back she had back up in front and behind. Reaching the top of the first climb 800m above sea level, we more to do and the trails flowed on and continued up until we reached the campsite and regrouped all safe and sound. The final climb to the peak was amazing. steady single track out onto the ridge climbing the to the peak. Took some photos soaked in the surrounding views and Bobby tried to get everyone to eat his German Sausage. Was quiet chilly on the peaks with the chill from the wind we all took off back down. Anissa and DanI got the head start and it took us a while to catch up.

It was basically downhill on the return. 4k back until we reached the 3k climb before the first car drop. I was at the back with girls until I had caught up with the group ahead and was first to reach the top of the climb, checking in with everyone as I ran back down the climb for a repeat and to make sure the girls were caught up and knew how far they had to go. everyone regroupd and flowing down the hill for the final 6k stretch we back at the cars. Conquering MT Royal. Highly recommed a visit and to run that hill. Great training for the mountains !!

We headed off back to Singleton to get the rest of the cars and stopped at the Royal Hotel for a refuel. Burgers and Schnitzels with a Pint of beer was a perfect finish the session. Syncing our watches for the kudos. Pete taking the points on this run stealing places and bragging rights for the segements. Suunto wins again.

Thanks for an awsome day out on the trails Team. See you all soon for the next adventure


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