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Sunday's Run Dungog, a great event for all levels of runners, a smaller community event to support their local community. Their biggest fundraiser event of the year to help the locals and support the community and businesses. Great turn out from the team, with lots of great results, links and details are below. Discussed on the podcast as well, with a few race interviews and reports posted.

While some were in Dungog, there were others posting long runs around Newcastle, with a group out hunting elevation in Sugarloaf with 20-30km long runs, Andy went out to Congewoi seeking other views and a different climb.

Well my week didn't go to plan as came down with a virus early in the week and then followed by a stomach bug knocking me for 6, putting me in bed for 2-3 days. So a week lost in training, but at least its 3 weeks untill the race in Europe. So leaves me with a bit of time to recover and get back to some training.

In the pod I touch on some words to the group to be mindful of there headspace and awareness on not chasing numbers and or stressing about what they haven't done and or could have done more of. You are not going to get fitter in the last few weeks, but what you can do is overtrain, not recover in time for the race, do your race in training. Now is the time to sharpen up the tools. keep the system firing and finalising your training, topping up the tank and practicing the keg items you will need for the race. Test your equipment, test you nutrition. In training tapping into some key elements for the race, specific hills - descending climbs, and maintaining the muscles to undergo the labors for the race. Making sure the muscles are all firing and in balance. Making sure the body is loosened up and in balance to hit the start line firing to go. Please don't go chasing km and do any massive long runs that you are going to have spend more time recovering from. The time you have spent is enough and that is live, you have spent the time that you had space and or choose to do and could do when you had it. No point saying should have could have. You didnt do it for a reason and or if you had the time and choose to avoid it then so be it :) Do what you can now to be the best for your race in 3 weeks time.

For me, I lost this week and have a virus and stomach bug, has zapped my system and flattened me out, that's for sure, but all I can do this week is spend the few days making sure I have recovered fully, and then test the legs towards the end of the week. Measuring where I'm at and build back the strength. Shouldn't take too long to do that and will be fine in the next 2 weeks. It happens can only do what you can control and nothing that is out of my control. There is no perfect prep and the world has its ways to bring you down :) live gives you lemons.

Closing out this episode with a little story. Take this with you while you race, the gratitude while running your crazy ultra event.

There events take a lot from us and its not just us alone that is along for the journey. It's our relationships as well. Those that are close to us that are there for the ride, the adventure. We are lucky to have those in our lives. Those that support us in the crazy runners lifestyles. Allow us to train and race, sacrifice many occasions, our partners, kids and friends, making things would around their lives as well. So thank those that support you. We are lucky to have them support us. Not everyone understands why we do this, question it and or don't support it. I was in a relationship in a past life that it didn't align. They couldn't understand it, they want you to be different and or expect different things from you and or each other. You try to make it work, but the guilt builds, a resentment between each other. The tunnel closes in until there is a wall formed and more space is created in the relationship. But on the other side you have that person that understands you and you understand each other, there is support between you both, you share life and your ethics align, a balance to share the journey and adventure together. When you find this and you have this, life works and you have to cherish it together. Hold those close and embraces the journey together. Moments and memories are created together. Move together in the same direction. Giving each other the world.

I heard this song when I met Nicole and it hit me from the start, I played it went I purposed. Was lucky to be on stage for the proposal and they played Nicole the song after as well. So hope you get something from the song that is played at the end of the episode too. Give her the World, Adam Eckersley Band.


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Dillon Rinn 10km - 44:11 - 2nd

Caleb Chrisholm 10km - 44:11 - 3rd

Jeremy Campbelll 10km - 50:11 4th AG

Tanya Bailey 10km - 1:04:15 - 3rd AG

Nicole Smith 10km - 1:17:11 - 8th AG

Benn Coubrough 10km - 1:17:12

Danielle Fleming 10km - 1:45:00

Kim McDonald - 1:45:00

Mark Hoult 20km - 1:48:41 - 7th AG

Melissa Ralph 20km - 1:58:00 1st AG

Linda Minter 20km - 2:20:50 - 1st AG

Heather Duffy 20km - 2:35:09 1st AG

Craig Sandy - 20km - 1:57:53


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What went well? My headspace from the start of the day. I heard the rain through the night and had already chosen to not let the weather affect how I was going to run. What didn’t work or went bad? Everything with my running and headspace was positive and a good experience today. I was running happy and had wings on my feet. Wings on my feet is a new mantra. How did you overcome the challenge? No challenges on the run. What was the best part of the event? Having other SNL team out there and feeling their energy for the run ahead! Seeing other women I have run with in the past 12 months but haven't caught up with for a while! Finishing feeling strong and happy What shoes did you wear? HOKA Speedgoat 5 with Lightfeet Rebound inserts & gel heel cups under those. I always wear Lightfeet inserts since recovering from Plantar F. and the heel cup inserts give me a higher heel drop for less strain on Achillies and calves. This combo has been working for me fot 2+ years. What's next? Forster Breakwall Buster 36km on 20th Aug. Did you celebrate? Yes, I actually hugged myself emotionally and felt very grateful for the strong physical woman I am. And I have chocolate in the fridge for tonight!

Dillon Rinn - race report

What went well?

My body was feeling relatively good after not getting too much work in over the last couple weeks and has really bounced back quick after the Elephant Trail Race. So I’m definitely pleased with that. It was good to be amongst a great group of people with an incredible honest muddy course. So I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

What didn’t work or went bad?

Well being a last minute decision to jump in on the SNL fun out at Dungog and lack of upkeep of my fitness over the last 3 weeks I definitely felt myself pushing harder to keep the pace consistent, and I didn’t have enough time to switch from long course to short course. So with that the legs got pretty heavy within the first kilometer.

How did you overcome the challenge?

I Just stuck to my pace regardless and counted down the kilometers. Making sure I put in an effort I would be happy with given the last month and not worry too much how the body would feel, but instead I focused on how the mind would feel if I didn’t put in and would have to look back on it.

What was the best part of the event?

The best part of the race was knowing how many SNL members were out on the course and having great races themselves. As well as running with Caleb who right from the start tucked in and we ended up running the entire race together.

What shoes did you wear?

I wore my HOKA Mafate’s - Although a half a size too big they were great for the course.

What’s next?

Hopefully a Half Marathon soon and really focus on not only endurance and leg strength, but really start picking up my speed as well.

Did you celebrate?

Not really, but I got to watch all the other runners finish their races with smiles and I had a great day out on course and at the event. So to me that’s worth more than any celebration.

Heather Duffy 20km

What went well was fueling - I don’t normally worry too much for a 20 km’s, but after last weeks podcast about fueling and hydration I’m trying to get my salt sorted before summer - I’m a big salty sweater and don’t do well in the heat. Felt pretty good for most of it.

What wasn’t so great was the unexpected hill start - I’m slow enough to get going as it is. I overcame it as I usually do - head down and kept ticking the km’s off. Also my calves and foot threatened to cramp the last 2 km’s. I can only put that down to tensing a bit on the slippery bits at the end. I’m not usually a cramper.

Best part was the nice flowing downhill’s - although a bit rocky I did enjoy them. The weather helped too - nothing like running in the rain.

Shoes - Brooks Cascadia 16’s. Not as great as previous Cascadia’s, but I never have problems with them.

What’s next is GNW 30 in October, but UTK 50 is the A race.

Celebrate? Naaah - just my long run for the week really.

Caleb Chisholm 10km

What went well..

Dylan and I went for a warmup run. Out on the course Dylan and I ran together. Dylan was a really good pacer and we were running at a comfortable speed.

What didn’t work or went bad…

The course was slippery due to it raining. I found some of the course to not be marked out very well. At one point, I slowed right down and lost my momentum because I was trying to figure out which way to go

How did you overcome the challenge?

A guy who was running behind me, yelled out and told me which way to go as he could see I was unsure

Best part…

The best part of the run was having Dylan as a pacer. I felt really comfortable running, and it was an awesome feeling to cross the finish line just behind him.

What shoes did you wear.

As this was my first Trail run, I wasn’t familiar with what shoes to wear. I turned up in my normal track running shoes, which would have been very slippery out on the course. Benn kindly lent me his shoes, and he ran in another pair of shoes that were actually too small for him. Thanks for lending me the shoes Benn, they were awesome, I could feel the difference between my normal track shoes and the Trail shoe. The grip on the Trail running shoe was outstanding, and I’m keen to now invest in a pair for future Trail runs

What’s next…

I was hoping to run in the city to surf next weekend, but unfortunately I have left my run too late and I am unable to get a ticket for the run event. On 20th August I am going to run in the foster fun run with some of our family friends. On 27th August I am looking to run in the lake McQuarrie run festival. Then on 3rd September I am going to have a go at another Trail run, this time at Tomaree. Then I am going away with my family road tripping for 6 or so weeks so won’t really have any runs in September/October

What did I do to celebrate…

Nothing too exciting.

I went surfing yesterday and my arms are sore from paddling so I just had a chill afternoon letting my body recover.

I'm in year 9 at school and have an assessment due so I spent the afternoon finishing it off

Danielle Fleming 10km

I was hurting from a big effort ( and a stack) from Thursday session, and a trip to the caves yesterday. But even though I was hurting I didn’t struggle fitness wise, and that I’m happy for.

Sore feet and I found it hard on the single track to get a good landing and it made it uncomfortable.

Counted 1-8

Over and over again

The best part?

Loved all of it ( except when I didn’t) it was a great event, and was great to be a part of team SNL and of course running with my girl Winnie

Hoka Challenger

Too slippery in the mud

Next is Forster 10 and looking forward to GNW 30 in Oct

Celebrating tonight with the family

Nicole Smith 10km

What went well - the coach Benn pacing me

What didnt go well? My calf was killing me with slipperiness conditions and a bad stomach cramp after 7k, I think it was the fact i needed to fart. But had to hold it in, its fine when your by yourself, and or I could have just blamed Benn.

Most of my runs, I’m Normally by myself so it was good to have company during the race and help push until the end of the race. I just kept running and breathing to get to the finish

This event was great, small and fun to everyone out there and getting a beer at the finish and thanks Dillon for buying my a egg and sausage sandwich.

Doing my PB on a 10km trial run was awesome and running with me and Benn who pushed my limits

Wore y Salmon Pulsars that are my usual racing shoes. What is next for me is a half marathon, probably an event at the Lonely Mountain Ultra in Orange, But if could find a race in Europe that would be cool.

Of course we celebrated its Sunday, we went to the Pub.


  • Wakefield - Heaton Loop



  • Sunday Runs - All welcome (Heaton Gap)

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  • Next week - post questions in Messenger or FB page

5 QF’s WITH BENN (quick facts) Mitch Clark

Fav race exp….. probably last years gnw miler even though I didn’t quite make it. It’s a really hard race and I went through the emotions of thinking I was killing it to thinking there is no way I could finish to chasing the clock and just missing out and getting times out at the last checkpoint at 140km. When I dropped I was 7th I think so it was just fun thinking I was either going to finish 7th or not at all. Going back this year to break 30 hours though thanks to snl

Race I want to do… javelina 100 in America. It’s a 100 miler in Texas that looks absolutely nuts. It’s a massive party where heaps of people run in costumes and the aid stations are like bloody nightclubs. I’d love to do any big American miler to experience the atmosphere to be honest

Best training tip…… hiking with a weighted vest if you are trading for an ultra. Unless you are racing for a win or good time we are going to be hiking a fair bit burning an ultra, if I wear a weighted vest of 15 kgs or more and hike quickly a couple of time a week I really notice how easy it feels when I hike during a race. It’s also easy in the body so a good way to rack up some more kms each week

Fav session…… I’ve only really been training with snl for a few weeks but in loving the trail session on Thursday. This week was a good example, there was ably 4 of us doing the hilly loop in glenrock but it was challenging and fun and great to run with good people who push you to train hard!

Fun fact…:… I have some of the worst tattoos known to man. I got pissed with a mate in London and decided we’re mummies boys so got “I love mum” tattooed on my arse, when Australia made the final 16 at the Germany soccer World Cup 5 of us got the Australian made symbol and growing up in the shire a lot of people have the Southern Cross ratio so 4 of us got a little drunk and thought it

Would be fun to get orients belt (the saucepan) instead of the southern cross.

OUTRO SONG - Give her the world, Adam Eckersley Band, Thanks for joining me @ Beve with Benn

Stay tuned for updates, Post your questions and updates on racing

Stroke No Limits Coaching - stick to the mantra of my 3 D’s #desire #determination #discipline


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