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Mantra - 3 D's - Desire - Determination - Discipline - Become the Best Version of Yourself

Inspired to take a journey to raise awareness for the debilitating effects of a stroke. To empower others to inspire and challenge themselves to follow through on their goals and desires, not to hold back from fear and or judgement. to have the belief, discipline determination and desire to be the best version of themselves. 


I am starting a charity to put this all together and was hoping to gather some support to help raise awareness as well as added support along the journey to grow the awareness and help fight this disease and the serious affects it can lead to. having seen it first hand, taking the fight to limit the chances of a stroke happening to others and will be working with the Do it for Stroke Foundation as well.


Mark Coubrough, my father is an inspiring person, with his limitations as shown and proven that after suffering from multiple serious strokes can still lead a normal life, independent of others and going on with his life, making the most of what he has and continues to work on himself to improve the quality of his life, daily rehabilitation and repetition of speech therapy, range of motion exercises, walking, getting in and out of wheelchair, traveling back and forth from the shops and adventures to the dog park, around the local area. Makes his own way to hospitals, doctors and physio appointments, all on public transport. Beyond that does his own shopping, preparing and cooking his own meals daily. No limits, if you want something you just do it, focusing on what he can do and works on what he can't through desire, determination and discipline.


IMG_5681 2.HEIC
- Six Foot Track March 2023
- Ultra Trail Australia 100km May 2023
- UTMB Mont-Blanc 171km September 2023
Sessions - Group Training

- Commited to a heavy training program and will post different workouts and training sessions

- Arranged training sessions will be organized weekly, invites are open to anyone to join along the sessions - Running - Road & Trails - Strength/Mobility sessions as well.


- The Team are an incredible bunch of people and all have an inspiring stoRy themselves and I have the pleasure of being a part and playing a role in so many others journey to extraordinary results and transformations in lifestyles. My Passion and drive are fueled my their achievements, again no limits, desire, determination and discipline.


- It all starts with what you put in your mouth, what you choose to fuel your body with, you are in fact what you eat.

Devoted to educate and influence peoples choices with nutrition, fighting the battle against all the life threatening diseases, decreasing the rates of overweight and obesity, limiting all these disease from continuing to destroy peoples lives.

Become a Fat Burning Machine !!!

- Book available with lots of options for healthy options to fuel both yourself and your family Who wants to provide their body with better nutrition and function better to get the most from your body, endless energy, saying good bye to the afternoon lapses and draining feelings or a morning or at the end of the day.. Get more from the day and life.


- Contact me for you Copy of the Book 


- I live my life to fullest, make the most out of everything I can, if you want something just go for, not time to sit still and wait for it come along. Be the best version of yourself, you control your life and through your actions it will determine your future, Desire, Determination and discipling - my Three D's to success in being your best.

Love getting out and about, rain, hail or shine either via bike, running or find me in the ocean swimming. Love a good coffee, spending time in the kitchen coming up with many different reciipes and meal ideas.

Surrounding myself with a huge network of people, lucky to have so many amazing people in my life and forever thankful of their support, guidance and friendship.

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