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Tailwind Nutrition Australia has your back, Providing quality sports nutrition products that really work. Complete fuel, with the calories, electrolytes and hydration to be your sole source of fuel.
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Always looking at the proformance aspect of the products as the key driver. FM Sports has stayed true to providing products that are technically better to provide the best possible results and comfort to all levels of athletes.
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The Best Body Team are second to none in the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie area. Our trading hours are greater than the competitors and with ample parking at the door, you will appreciate the level of convenience..

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Pure Performance Sports is dedicated to providing correctly fitting footwear and apparel to meet the individual requirements of active people. Our staff are dedicated, passionate, active people who thrive on providing outstanding, personal service.


Hunter Physio - Scott Mozart -

At Hunter Physio we aim to provide professional and quality treatment through detailed assessment, latest techniques and genuine care for the client. Part of our philosophy involves educating the client in injury prevention, detection and management.

We do not only treat athletes – we treat EVERYONE. From desk bound computer workers with tension headaches to stressed mums with lower back issues, we can assist with all types of problems.

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Achieve Podiatry -

Quick PSA... We are a different Podiatry clinic. Our clinic is a speciality clinic who see's predominately people of all ages and backgrounds who have chronic or acute pain and injury. As we see it a lot, it puts us in a unique position to provide the most optimal and experienced care to people from all walks of life.

While we see plenty of sporty and active people, our help is also for people who want to move out of pain.

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Perskindol - Stronger then your pain  -

PERSKINDOL has been trusted by the people of Switzerland for 40 years, and has expanded to many markets across the world. Finally, it is now available in Australia.

PERSKINDOL was first developed by a successful Swiss Tennis Player, who developed the formulation to help him warm-up, and recover from, his competitive games. He decided on the name Per-Skin-dol, which roughly translates to “For application – on the Skin – for Pain”. Due to the unique blend of Essential Oils in the formula, PERSKINDOL has a pleasant, calming scent.

Halfworn Australia #Don'tForgetAboutStyle -


It seemed to us that equipment for sports had nothing missing.
And yet!
Sleeves is a gadget that should have EVERY ATHLETE cultivating their discipline in the fresh air.
You do not worry about the change in temperature.
Protect against the Cold, Sun and Wind!
If you ride a bike, run, play golf, volleyball, paddle or even fly a kite, Halfworn Sleeves are right for you.
Our sleeves are cool, stylish, funky and fashionable. This is the gadget for you.




Dusty Trail Caps -

Lightweight wicking materials where you need them to pull moisture from your head. Hidden strap with clips adjustable closure and Black anti-reflective under brim to help you see. Wicking the underside of the brim to draw sweat away from your head. Comes in 5 different colours.

Transitions Chiropractic -

At Transitions Chiropractic we care about you. To find out how we can help you feel and move better, we look at how you are currently moving and combine that with NASA developed Myovision technology that provides us with a sEMG and Thermography reading of your spine. Once a decision has been made to proceed with Chiropractic care we use manual adjusting techniques to help you move and feel better. We are always here to help our Newcastle family Transition their way to a healthier, happier life.

Are you working at your best? At Transitions Chiropractic we believe your body is designed to be extraordinary. Pain and suffering are not part of your genetic blueprint and our Newcastle team is here to help.

o improve the health of Newcastle by reducing unnecessary stress and strain to your body. By helping you move in the most pain free and liberating way possible. We can help you unlock your own unique potential. Call our Newcastle office today


Newcastle Performance Physio -

We are aiming to create a New Normal level of physical capacity and health literacy in the Newcastle Community.

There is a big gap in the current standard practice of pain and injury rehabilitation and the level required to produce happy, healthy humans. This needs to close. So much of what is experienced in pain and injury is preventable, treatable and we believe people are more capable than they think or that they have been told.

You are a strong, robust and resilient human. You deserve the best treatment and rehab to make sure you get back to the things that make you, you. And stay there. Too many people suffer unnecessarily from bad advice and treatment. We seek to change this, and your outcomes, for the better. Forever.


Footmotion -

At FootMotion, we pride ourselves on being footwear specialists and aim to perfect your step. After all, just like a fingerprint, everyone has different feet with different needs.


No matter what the problem or focus - wide or narrow feet, bunions, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, different foot lengths - we have a shoe for you!

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