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Telling the Story

Telling the Story that you want to tell, we tell ourselves 50,000 times per day to do something and 75% of those times are most likey negative and of telling us to go against ourselves for one reason or another. But it's about the actiion that matters. do we move forward or hold back. Is this the action that will take us forward ? or hold as back.

We do a lot of talk putting ourselves down and saying I can't its too hard etc. But if someone close to us comes for support or guidence and we provide that support and help them acheive the story they wish to tell. Why are we not doing the same with our own story ? do you tell others that they can't and are not good enough? NO so why put ourselves down ?

Catch these thoughts and don't take it anymore, question the questions with more questions and take actions forward, believe in yourself, step closer to telling the story you want to tell. The more you tell yourself something the closer you get to acheiving it, believe and tell yourself daily your dreams, your goals, and those thoughts and dream will come true... it won't happen overnight what you will get there if you want it bad enough !!

Stay consistent and persisent with your actions - DESIRE - DETERMINDATION - DISCIPLINE

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