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Questions - Questioning

We all continue to question Asking for more information instead of just doing, taking actions...

Stop question and start doing, you will learn on the way, so stop waiting to know enough as you will be waiting forever / you never can know enough you just know more and learn more about yourself along the journey..

Motivation is not enough as it takes action for that to come, what gets you out is passion #desiredeterminationdiscipline

Change through fear or losing / missing out....

If you want something ask yourself

- How bad do you want it!!!!

- Mindset and belief systems.

Achieving something bigger then yourself.

Purpose to change and when you Challenge yourself do something that you fear will bring a higher sense of achievement...

Remove the fear of failure, start with one step forward, Learning and continue to grow and gain the experience.

Focus on the process and journey and embrace / capture the wins along the way... what you do today will be make air break your tomorrow !!! But we all get a brand new opportunity everyday as the sunrises :) #bestversionofself ....

Life isn't easy - what is stopping you / play above the line - when you think deep into it - Who has it worst off then you - we all suffer in some way or aspect - it's all up to us - our choices and if it's of value - comes to how bad do you really want to achieve :) @strokenolimits #challenge #change #habit #rituals #lifestyles #balance #health #rolemodel

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