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RACE REPORT WOLLONGONG OLYMPIC TRIATHLON #trithegong @Elite Energy Events @Stroke No Limits

Being out there all day on the Saturday for the Kids races, miniman, as well as Enticer and Enforcer Events, the weather wasn’t as bad, still had some rain about, but was clear for the actual race times… the kids were buzzing around and so excited to get out there in the water, cold or rain not a worry - they were stoked to be out in the mud !!!

So many inspiring people, the Tri-a-tri was massive, the biggest category with so many first times hitting the course :) embracing the challenge they laid ahead… a few fears in their eyes but once they got going they were into it….

As it is proven in all ways, if you want to achieve something, you can and will do it.. find a big enough why and will, nothing is unachievable…. you will always find a way, use it.. question the questions, once you start you just getting going and before you know it, your halfway and then completed… us this to build on for your next challenge, build on the success.. continue to fall back on the wins and motivation will flow, from all the consistent actions and seeing the results….

Saturday was a long day, left Newcastle before 3am to arrive at 6am for a 6:30am start… finished up at around 4pm and had a relaxing night with the team @Elte Energy events

Nutrition was pretty much the usual, had a packed chicken salad for breakfast and sweet potato fries with a gluten free burger / pulled pork - yum !! dinner was a steak and salad with some wedges, had a cider also..

Breakfast in the morning was a banana with a 100 calories of Tailwind

Race Nutrition - 500ml Bottle of Tailwind 200 calories / water and a gel for the Run.

Well the weekend was wet and muddy with a mix of wind to stir up the condition on race day :) but you can’t control the weather, although you can control your attitude…

This was finding people out.. i trying in all condition and general don’t have an issues when it comes to digging deep at times :) but thought of self doubts and giving myself ways out and telling myself its okay, just back off and take it, giving myself a way out, still came into my head as most likely others, but looking around there were lots of pumped up people around, not giving a care in the world, just ready to get out there, having trained hard to get the start line and have their day on the course…

Walking Down to the Swim Start, the rain stared to come down and hit the water sighting was fine in the water and made my way through, held back a little getting into and finding my spot, still should have been more aggressive, but help back, letting the thoughts get the better of me and settling for an easy start, just held the same pace for the swim, had a couple efforts to get a line or some feet, but was cruse in the swim…

Transition was fine and out on the bike, legs from the start were off i could feel it as we headed up to the novetel… was a very steady throughout the course bring mindful of the rain and surface, as saw a few slide, taking rh corners too tight, but it was a straight 3 loop out and back, so pushed it on the bike in the straight, legs were off though, but was holding around 36 for most of the straights …. I dropped my bottle of tailwind on the way out for the third loop after 2 months full.. fingers with dumb from the cold and missed the slot.. o well had a gel in back up but dint use, saved it for the run, at the 3 km mark..

The rain came down, but was comfortable, just those little climbs into north gong got the legs and felt it in every sections, the wind was up on the way back into the gong but that was okay…

Hitting the Run after running the transition getting covered in the mud haha….. felt from the start I was a bit off… after last weekend, I was running 4min per km, and that was on a hilly bike course, so you can weigh it up, flat course continuous work and or a course that makes you work with adulations so much the muchness :)

After 1 and 2km 0 seeing 4:20, I tried to push harder, but legs just were not behaving, so I just kept using markers on the course and pushing as hard as I could, the last 4km i was trying hard, pushing away the doubt and wanted to cross the line with nothing left in the tank.. in which I did but the body wasn’t responding, was able to get the times down closer to 4min pace but finished with a 4:15 aervage, 15 sec off last weeks efforts ;) FATIGUE :) o well gave it all and its all learning and experience… didn’t get on my form roller the day before and or use the spiky ball on the day down in the car, I used the spiky ball in the car on the drive home though,,,

Looking forward to a few more racing in prep for Ironman Australia Port Macquarie on the 7th May !! 9 weeks and have some big weeks to nail and be ready.. thanks again for all the support out on the day !!!

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