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The Big Picture - Specific and doing things with Intent

One of the biggest traps to fall into is losing their way and getting into the routine of ticking the boxes and focusing on the process to active the actually results. Especially over winter or off seasons, when the events and or races seem a bit of time away. This is a big block in the wall and can be counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve because each action, training session you will slide into doing what you’ve always done, excepting something different ? That's the old saying of what is the meaning of insanity "doing the same thing and expecting different results." :)

So be aware not to go missing during his period lose an opportunity to develop and grow in what you have set out to achieved.

Always go into the day, the sessions with intent. Make sure that at the start of every the day or session, thinking about what you are trying to develop and or achieve. Then after the actions or session think about what you did to achieve it. Life demands quite a bit of “HARD” work and can wear you down. Step back now and again and question, pull yourself out to pull yourself back in to the present, the now.

Try and think about things as a wheel turning over, using cues to continue mental focus, standing tall, high elbow catch in the water, body position, etc.

If you select too many things to have focus on or give intent on you may miss the mark, but if you just have 1 or 2 focus points each day and or session then you have a reason to be doing what you have set out there to achieve and be specific - proactive - effective with the consistency and following the process and you will start to notice more about yourself as a person, becoming the best version of yourself - Father, Mother, Husband, Wife , Worker, Friend, Athlete.

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