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Challenge the thoughts and your FEAR

My Challenge is and has been for a long time the Swim portion of the triathlon and training... I still have the thoughts and the challenges but I persist and challenge the self doubt and fears each and every time I reach the edge or the pool or ocean in training and racings... but it’s just a thought and I overcome them most of the time... I win and I loss but I learn and I have turned these doubts and fears in a determination a drive to push myself to challenge them and to improve and move forward... I have had some good wins lately in the Swim and I will continue to beat these thoughts that only hold me back.... if I want to achieve my goals I can not let them beat me and I will succeed in the end..

We all experience the same thoughts in different ways or another.... they all relate to different parts of our lives and impact us in different ways, nevertheless they come to us in the same ways and will have the same mental effects to our feelings and connection to the thoughts... the thoughts will always come, will be there no matter what we do or where we are at 50,000 thoughts a day (70% are negative) but this is where you focus on the thoughts - they are just thoughts, our actions on the thoughts count, 10 sec to process the thoughts / let them pass through, embrace the thoughts, Welcome them and put the actions, to move forward from the thoughts, encourage and challenge the thoughts, the more we battle the thoughts the easier it is to over come the thoughts that try and hold us back. Each thought is an opportunity to grow and learn, be aware of them and when they occur.. embrace the feeling of over coming the challenge. Get comfortable with the thoughts, set up processes to move past them, laugh and welcome@the opportunity to over come them... thinking is what we do and we do it constantly, our mind is an amazing machine and has the power to achieve great things, use it to create and be the best version of you.. focus on your know... the thoughts come from FEAR - False / Evidence / Appearing / Real !! 90% of the time they don’t happen, so don’t hold yourself back, don’t let@it best you, use the FEAR to drive yourself Forward to be better, use positive words to encourage positive thoughts and positive actions will follow. It’s the mindset, the belief and the belief systems that are created to become the attitude you choose, your choice to be who you are, you define your values - your life - one opportunity - one chance to tell your story through the journey of your life and actions and choices you make everyday, you give so much to other, give to yourself and the others in your life will be better for it and you will only be stronger.. it’s just a done thing through practice, practice takes time to develop and we will fail but that’s how we learn and grow, Fail is only learning. Fail / learn / adapt / change / persist / consistent challenge = success 🙂

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