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- Night before / Eggs / black beans cottage cheese with green leafy vegetables / carrot / mushroom + a cider and a piece of dark chocolate with a cup of tea

- Race Morning 2 hrs before / cottage cheese of 2 rice cakes and some coconut water + black coffee

- During Race / bottle of water with Temple Nutrition nutrafuel & electrolytes ( had 2/3 of that on the bike (15 mins in 45 mins / 35km market before T2)

Start was not perfect didn’t really get the opportunity to get into good mental race process, as didn’t set up and get into water until right on race start as a few athletes were late to race and had to sort out there rego and change names to starters on teams, o well the way it goes and didn’t set up Bike in transition until 10 mins before race start, so wasn’t able to really mark bike in transition to entry and exit points, but o well,


Didn’t find good space until turn and get in to flow / tried to stay focused on reach and pull phases....


HR Didn’t connect at all, some didn't bother with HR, went by feel... pushed in on the bike, had those cues in the mind, not to hold back and kept the power I , the spin classes are working in strength and holding threshold well and felt pretty good, had a bit of ground in the bike and road a lot of people down from what I had lost in the swim... powered the course / Good single loop, push petals through the rough sections and out of the saddle in section to keep power up and or more power, gained a lot incthe iddle section of the ride and caught the bunch that where ahead by the 25 km mark and had only 2 people pass me on the bike which was in the first 5 km of ride


Lost a tiny bit of time as someone through there wetsuit over my stuff so didn’t see my gear straight away, but also down to the fact that my prep wasn’t as good as usual marking entry point in relation to where my gear was / rack etc


First I’m on run adjusted well was the slowest I’m out of all of the 10km, had some good markers to tick off and catch, used the same mental cues mantras to hold strong / remembering form and breathing , the thought to embrace the pain and that it was just 10km - push and desire the feel of being in the hurt locker / desire to cross that line in a heap knowing I had nothing to give - pushed and pushed catching people all the way / aid station @2.5km & 7.5km only had Gatorade so didn’t have anything : 5 km mark was the other aid station had water so just a sip in that station, that was only thing I needed for run..

The last 4km had 3 guys in my sight which were a fair way ahead so had the drive to keep hurting and pushed myself to catch them, got them about 400m before the finished, was a tough but good challenge to push my mind and not to settle !!

Happy with the day, great to push myself and happy to see progress, the thoughts come and negative things set in but learn the mindset cues to switch on and did rest coming into the race more then I have been able to in the past with managing work load, not able

To give myself any excuses to blame work load etc hehe...

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