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New Year - New Opportunity - New Goals - New Journey - New Discoveries

Its now a start to the new year of 2018…. we begin the year with the hopes and aspirations for a new way of life, outlook and plan to move in the year beginning new habits and new plans, routines, from January 1st…. it begins……

The old saying, fail to plan = planning to fail, so we all need to have a plan behind our goals and or habits that we choose to begin…. Life is no easy as we know, once we begin a new change, a routine, life gives us lemons, suck them and more forward, adjusting and adapting to the little challenges that we get thrown.. its not simple and people / work / kids / family / will work their magic and give us obstacles to balance.. its always the same, we all get to to do, so plan to change with the changes, adapt and look for the positives, back up planes.. STOP = catch those thoughts and pull yourself out and ask yourself, what can you do, how can i make this fit… make it work for you… after all, we have set these goals for ourselves to achieve, something for us that we desire, when you achieve your goals and follow on the your path, the people around us will fall in line and follow suit, setting the example, the standard.. When we are in control, we are in a high state of self and empowerment to make better choices and handle the tougher situations when we are consumed by them…

  • Set the Goals

  • Set the Plans ( set an action plan ) listing the items to achieve to move you closer to the goals

  • Set markers / check points to evaluate your gaol and adapt / adjust

  • Be Flexible to the plan and day… make it easy for you and don’t get carried away by trying to fit in everything straight away

  • Start small and work up to tasks and actions / build momentum and consistency - one step at a time

  • the easies the actions, the easier it will be to follow and to maintain… ask yourself it you can maintain the actions in your lifestyle, if you can then its too much, back it off and focus on what you can maintain

  • A day of actions achieved,leads to a few days will lead to consistency, momentum, motivation follows after the actions…

  • Make your actions, apart of your lifestyle, like your toothbrush, add them to the list of the actions you take daily, e.g. - preparing your meals, Monday-Friday is gym, Tuesday - Thursday is running, wed is pilates, Monday afternoon is reading and so on, making time for family and friends, time for yourself to switch off and have your time :)

  • Time Audit can help - 168 hours in a week, break it down (Work - Sleep - Family - Exercise - Travel - Food Prep - etc) you will fine time with that to work in and plan better from your time, getting more from the day and not just thought the day, as we can waste so much time without knowing it … social media / watching tv etc :)

  • Set the task with others, be social and gain accountability with like minded people, its helps us as human beings to be with other people, we are social creatures.. so plan your actions with others, exercise, cooking, have social gathering around your actions, eating lunches together, talking with other that may have the same goals, challenges in life, feed from them, build support from the network of people, to gain power, support, motivation and encouragement from both yourself and others

It can be challenges to start, as it all comes to the point when action is required, its will be a challenge to take that step forward… its go time, time is now…. so start, as if you procrastinate and push off the actions, and tasks, the hard it will be to begin, we all do it… we all have the same questions and doubts…. they will always be there, we are built question and doubt.. negative thoughts are normal, we are build to survive :)

But ask and question those thoughts, if you don’t take the action, if you postpone, will it get you towards your goals ? will move you forward or backwards ? if you don’t take the actions and will you regret not following through ? if so then take th action, any action is a step forward, you may not achieve the desired plan or action, but as long as you take it, the easier it will be in the future to over come the same thoughts and fears :)

Going back to points - start small and work your way up, getting up 30 mins earlier, or walking 30 min, getting in the water ,then build to swimming, prep for one meal and so on..


F - False

E - Evidence

A - Appearing

R - Real

  • 90% of the things we worry about don’t even happen… :) we worry and worry all the time, and when it all goes down, is it all really as bad as we built it up to be ? does it all work out in the end ? its not always a life and death situation like we may begin to think..

  • Take a breath / pull out as if you are watching and analysing it from a third person and break it down - can do actions

  • Remove negative words (can’t - wont - should - would - don’t ) replace with positive words ( will, do, can, get to actions )

  • Accountable / hold yourself to your words, make it a standard, make it common practice, create the attitude, create your own journey, your belief systems, as your belief system will change as you move forward and achieve more.

Hear / See / Do

  • Hear about something will being a shift in change or belief

  • See, you witness something of change and see it happen to again again a hight state of belief for yourself or a goal

  • Do, you do it yourself, you try it and you follow through with it, you do it and achieve it and then it just becomes the normal state of belief and habit,,,,

  • Getting uncomfortable / challenge we thrive on challenge, if it was easy, nothing would get dome and we would all be the same and nothing would be worth doing, no excitement of the challenges, no motivation, no inspiration, nothing to lift us up and get us out the door and pushing for more out of life :)

  • Get uncomfortable / get comfortable and then get uncomfortable again :) over and over :) make life exciting and get excited about challenge yourself and doing more to get more - expand your bubble / your habits / your tools of life

Change - we change / life changes - we have to change - go with it and adapt - one thing in life is that change will happen… I did not think my 2018 would be beginning the way it has, and or even finish the way 2017 did, 2017 was a big ball of change… challenges… happiness, sadness, success, failure, tears, soul shattering to joyfulness and love. We can never tell when chance will happen, when people can appear in our lives, we have to ride the waves of life, some are bigger then others, the sea is a magical place of change and can change anytime, many times a day, everything in the sea is forced to change.. go with it and become one with it… it will work out itself out….

Like the Day - The Sun Sets and the Sun Rises, it will always happen, each day, get the most out of it, and use the learning from each day to take forward into the next day.. day by day.. wave by wave…

Having a bad morning doesn’t mean you have a bad day, a bad day doesn’t mean a bad week, or month so on, it all happens for a reason, to teach us, learn, choose to become better, choice, its always our own choices that lead us...

We can hold ourselves back from fear, change, we may not know enough about the changes need, how to change, the reason to change, there may not be a meaning enough or enough pain, when the meaning, pain and fear reaches boiling point, over flows, we will change and adapt , change for the reason to move out of hurt, pain and situation what can no longer be tolerated….

When you come to the point to begin, take it, this is your life, you control it… be the best version of yourself… don’t listen to the negative thoughts, build from the people that have been in your past, holding you back, telling you that you can’t achieve themselves - use that fear / doubt to pull forward and take the action and prove them all wrong, when that thought, the questions of doubt appear, continue to use it against itself and take it on, build the power, the systems that are set to over come them and continue the path the journey - the passion in the journey to achieve the goals, the results… be passionate about the path, the journey , that is the focus point, not the result, as the actions the path to the result will only happen when you take all the actions required.. the results only get bigger and better as you follow your own path, the story you tell get longer and becomes larger…. more results follow and the better you grow and develop.. don’t let the thoughts control you, you control them to work for you and show the world what you can do and what you can become…..

Embrace the failure to learn and grow, embrace the challenges to develop from the experience and never stop believing, if you want something bad enough, you will achieve it.. you will do what ever it takes if you want something bad enough…. anything in life is achievable with realistic actions, belief and action :) #desire #determination #discipline

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