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Don't try and not think - Deal with your thoughts

There is always the thought to go back to bed, to take it easy, just do an hour. What ever the head comes up with it’s always giving you a way out ???? We all get them.. how do you stop ? You don’t !! They always come up !! You just can better at telling them to f### off 😳 Plan / Prepare / set yourself up to succeed, trick the mind & just start ! One step & then the next, you won’t win them all, but learn from the past experience. Change the words you use to create a positive, create a positive self talk - take more action & action straight away - don’t give your head more@time to use an excuse :) #selfworth #setgoals #createfear

Create a why & take one step at@a time #achieveyourimpossible#bestversionofself

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