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22nd March 2024 - 24th March 2024

Friday Afternoon / Evening - 22-11km Options - Runners - 11-22-50-100k

  1. 11km UTA Course - Scenic Would

  2. Old UTA 22km Course - QVH - Scenic World

Key Points

  • Options for Runners to get to run later evening / night for Practice running at night as they may in the event

  • Runners can do the old 22k Course

  • 11k Runners Practice the Course

Saturday Mid Morning - 10 - 20 - 35k Options - Runners - 22-50-100k

  1. Scenic World - QVH

  2. Scenic World - Wentworth Falls

  3. Wentworth Falls - QVH

  4. Echo Point - Scenic World

Key Points

  • Run the first 30k of the 50 & 100k Race

  • Practice Running Stairs and Single Track

  • Runners that complete the 11k Course get to run somewhere different but still run on some parts of the course to loop back

Sunday Morning - 15-40km Options

  1. Narrowneck - Nelles Glen

  2. Six Foot Track - Nelles Glen

  3. Nells Glen Loop

  4. Meet at Pub

Key Points

  • Practice the First section of the 100k Race - 10k - 50k section.

  • 22-50k Runners get to run on a section they don’t get to run on the race day

  • Options to do an out and back and or start in different locations

  • Or be the Uber and meet runners at the Pub


  • Runners can do 1 day - 2 days or all 3 Days

  • Friends - Family Welcome (if they can plan it as a holiday and don’t mind you going missing for half the day)

  • Cost for Accommodation

  • Cover your own Food - Will have lunch & dinner booking for group though

  • All runners welcome.

  • Well do gear checks and go over crewing for 100k Runners and or practice for Aid Stations 22-50k Runners.

  • Will arrange cover for Nutrition and some sponsors Products / Recovery


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