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Bright Running Experience

For a more details wrap of the week - Tune into the podcast - Beve with Benn Episode 8 -

What a great few days away in Victoria running with great people. 3 days running in the alpine region of Victoria!

Thanks for Kristen and Linda for making their way down south and joining in on the running experience. Thanks for Nicole to allowing me to run and look after the kids while we took off in the mornings for the runs. The added bonus of seeing the family to, having a few days to see my sister and her family, missed seeing the kids:)

All kicked off on the Friday. I got out early on the Friday morning for a 9.5k loop in Wodonga with a few of the boys that live down, so great to catch up with the boys for run as a few had the Victorian cross country series kicking off on the Saturday. In the afternoon, We drove out to Killara for the 16k Loop around Houn Hill. 400m of elevation out and around and up to the lookout. Nice to be able to run in a different location. Seeing so many kangaroo's and cows around, a few of the cows didn't quiet look that happy but we enjoyed seeing them around as we run through the paddocks and griding up though climbs, was challenging steep as we hit 2 big hills as the trail flowed around the hill. We deserved the pizza, pasta and Schinzel at the pub that evening as well. Thanks for the recommendation for the pub Jason, Springdale Heights Tavern. Day 1 of the Bright Running Experience done.

Day 2, we were up nice and early on the road by 6am, the maccers stop for a coffee was a must for the trip. Arriving in Bright for the 20k loop around Bright. Following on most of the course that is in the Buffalo Stampede. Following the trails around Porepunkah and back in Bright. The route had 1400m of elevation for the 20km. From the start we basically started running up hill as we headed out of town before reaching some single trail. Hitting the first big climb to which we had seen while on the single track and it was quiet scary seeing it knowing what we were running parallel to it and turning on to it and the climb begun. The girl had their poles out and begun the climb. The hill just went up and up, hitting each little lump think it was the top it just kept going. But we reached the top and had a photo on top of the plaque :) We then followed the fire trail around and then hitting the single track for the narrow trail downhill. Was challenging and fun hoping down the rocks and tree roots winding back down the other side of the hill and back into Bright. Following the single track then back to the fire trail we then turned to see the last big climb for the day, Mick's Track - 600m Straight up and 400m of elevation. off with took climbing the rocky narrow trail pushing on and on scrabbling up to the top with a time of 17mins - 24mins. Climb was done and then it was Straight back down on the wider fire trail, was cool to see the Hang gliders at the top taking off over bright and as we ran down the hill we could see them flying off over the top of us. Back into Bright for 23k and 1400m of elevation. Jumping into the River to cool off, yes it was fresh in the river but well worth it. Time to relax, and chilling out by the river with the kids and family with a beer was a nice way to finish the run. Kids were entertained with the skate park and playground. Bright Brewery for lunch. Sampling the beers and refueling was an extra added bonus for the end of the day in Bright. End of Day 2.

Day 3 - Harrietville - Mt Feather Top. Another early rise and a stop for coffee and maccers. Now the stich up for the girls. I had well advertised that the climb in this run was 10k.. But when I was looking at the map on the Saturday. I was the finish back at Harrietville for a total of 12.4k. So I thought I had it wrong and was only a 6k assent to the top. But it was yes in fact a 12k climb :) So they both excited when we hit 4k and there was 7k to go :) The trail was a nice steady assent on a single track, switch backing around the mountain all the way up, was a good incline that I was running mosr of it before looping around every km to regroup as the girl were powering strong, obviously their legs were a little fatigued from the last few days. But moving well and steady up the climb, Linda had her poles out powering through and Kristen had packed the poles away as the track was narrow and the poles were getting caught up on the branches and trees on the side of the trails. We then found some hikers on the way up needning some first-aid. One of the hikers had hit his head on low tree branch that was hanging over the trail. Lucky Im not tall enough to have that issue :) But Linda pulled out a band aid and he was all patched up. So back to the climb and up we went continuing to climb, winding up until we hit the top to where the first base was located with a few groups had set up camp. A few photo's and we continued to the top of Little Feather Top to catch the views and soak up all the scenery around us. Amazing views and we had perfect weather, no wind, the sun shining to take in the view of the Alpine region. Then it was time to go back down. Had some fun flowing back down, getting some speed and hoping over the tree roots and rock, good practice for the fast feet and technical descending. Regrouping along the way and we jumped straight into the river to cool off. A quick change and back on the road. Was running a little late for lunch as the climb was obviously longer :) We were off to Beechworth, Lunch at the Bridge Road Brewers. Treating ourselves to a pizza a couple of beers from the Brewery. the Bling IPA was my fav, but also that samples of the mango sour and Black IPA. A pretty little old country town, with history of gold mining and their honey. The kids enjoyed sampling the honey at the Beechworth Honey Shop and of course we went to the other brewery that was on offer. Billson's Brewery, both non alcoholic sampling for the kids, where they have 50 different flavors on offer, to the kid's were on a sugar high after that, free sampling as well for the kids. While the adults were able to sample their gin and vodka. So Nicole, Linda and I went around the back and sat down to enjoy a paddle of beer samples and tasting of their gin with a watermelon vodka.

That was a wrap for the running experience. Combination of a running and family holiday. Thanks so much to Nicole for allowing both to happen. The kids had a ball, the accommodation was perfect with heated pools, spa and playground. Able to hit 6 different skate parks and all the other activities and adventures. Was great to see the family as well, hard to say goodbye, especially to my 2 little nieces.

Another good week for most of the team for the week, hitting all the sessions, the 800-1k reps on the Tuesday were hit perfectly on the Tuesday !! In Maitland, Brooklyn had his best session I would say, his strength and pace has improved so much and can't wait to see what he does in the UTA 11km.

The Thursday session on the trails. 4-5 x 6 minute tempos on the trails and 10min of stair repeats, tough but everyone held their paces well. While we were away running in Victoria it was good to see the team doing their session on the weekend as well.

2 more weeks until UTA and looks of the team running. A few of the team are running 3 events, 11k - 22k - 50k... See you all through the week. Thanks again.


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