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Counting Down to another Ultra Trail Australia

What was a new week and on the Podcast - BEVE WITH BENN - Epesiode 10

Not long now untill the UTA... tapering begins for most of us, otherwise its all hands on deck and the training continues as normal.

Thanks for another awesome week of training, the week begun for me in Wodonga still away down south on the Bright running experience and the Family trip :) But it was straight back into it from Tuesday afternoon, Lambton Run Club had 5 x 1miler efforts, off 60 sec rest between, Brett held strong for 3:45-3:50 for each rep and the boys up in Maitland were also strong on the track holding 3:45 for the 5 x 1 mile !! Well done boys and thanks for stepping up. The gym was another solid one continuing to work the body in different stimulus's.

Thursday was Stairs, both the morning and evening group has 3 x 10-12min stair repeats with a 1.5k tempo in the middle of each stair set. I know a few had some sore quads and calf after the session.

Colin Minter hit a sub 30min Parkrun the other week for the first time in a while and Deb Alterator also smashed her parkrun time last weekend as well with a sub 28 minutes !! both have been very consistent and working hard. Congratulations guys.

Sunday for the social run around the trials, great to see a few people we hadn't caught up with in a while. Di, Bobby welcome and Brendan travelled back from Canberra to jump in on a run building for the Elephant trail race 100km !!

We spoke a little more in detail about the UTA and the courses for the races, 11,22,50 and 100km plus some shoe talk in regards to heal drop and different trail shoes, as well the different options available that might suit different races for trail events.

For the podcast I was sampling the NEIPA from the Seeker Brewers in Unanderra, the south coast of Sydney, a little past Wollongong. Recommend it and the Hazy IPA isn't a bad drop as well.

Welcome to some new listeners and to the group , Dianne and Bobby Perry, Jacci Allanson and Erica Pedonese. Looking forward to catching up more during the week and after the UTA.

Looking into the future after the UTA, the next Running Experience weekend in June will be held up at Barrington Top. Also in July from the 14th - 16th July, Getting a team organised for the event and some training for UTMB, 25k-50k for the guys doing the UTMB, and any others that would like a challenge, their are a couple of athletes doing the 100k and 160k, so be good to support them as well while we can all get some good training while racing :) Being a lapped course for the event, easy to manage 1-2 laps for the 25-50k events. Stay tuned for future updates.

5 QF’s WITH BENN (quick facts) Oli Pitts

  • Favorite Race Experience? I have loads of favourite races but all the firsts standout. My first race was bay2bay 12km which provided me a window into running and stoked the fire. The pain and satisfaction of running my first marathon on the Gold Coast was unbelievable. Covering 100km in Surf Coast Century gave me an appreciation for hard work and dedication and I definitely found a new part of myself that day.

  • Race you want to do? Adelaide Ultra 100k

  • Best Learning and Running / Training Tip? Swing your arms! Discovered this at my first training session with Benny haha also, running is the practise of staying calm when your mind is telling you to stop. Breath work and yoga do wonders!!

  • Favorite Session of the week? Hills! Oh and cruisey, flowing trails

  • Fun Fact / Something about you? I was born feet first

Thats a wrap for the week, thanks for joining us and see you in the week ahead. Stay tuned for updates, Post your questions and updates on racing and remember Stroke No Limits Coaching - stick to the mantra of my 3 D’s #desire #determination #discipline


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