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Goal Setting

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible 

Set your goals high and don't stop till you get there

Consistency and persistency is the key to success and achieving your goals 

Support and Guidance

Set the Goals Set the Plans ( set an action plan ) listing the items to achieve to move you closer to the goalsSet markers / check points to evaluate your gaol and adapt / adjustBe Flexible to the plan and day… make it easy for you and don’t get carried away by trying to fit in everything straight awayStart small and work up to tasks and actions / build momentum and consistency - one step at a time the easies the actions, the easier it will be to follow and to maintain… ask yourself it you can maintain the actions in your lifestyle, if you can then its too much, back it off and focus on what you can maintainA  day of actions achieved, leads to a few days will lead to consistency, momentum, motivation follows after the actions…Make your actions, apart of your lifestyle, like your toothbrush, add them to the list of the actions you take daily, e.g. - preparing your meals, Monday-Friday is gym, Tuesday - Thursday is running, wed is pilates, Monday afternoon is reading and so on, making time for family and friends, time for yourself to switch off and have your time :)Time Audit can help - 168 hours in a week, break it down (Work - Sleep - Family - Exercise - Travel - Food Prep - etc) you will fine time with that to work in and plan better from your time, getting more from the day and not just thought the day, as we can waste so much time without knowing it … social media / watching tv etc :) Set the task with others, be social and gain accountability with like minded people, its helps us as human beings to be with other people, we are social creatures.. so plan your actions with others, exercise, cooking, have social gathering  around your actions, eating lunches together, talking with other that may have the same goals, challenges in life, feed from them, build support from the network of people, to gain power, support, motivation and encouragement from both yourself and others

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