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Hiking to Hell

A week of challenging climbs. From Thursdays Trail Sess up and down some technical and flowing steep fire trails and Sundays SNL long run out at Mt Sugarloaf with repeats of the hills, calling for the poles to come out and made use of the opportunity to practice for some up and coming races.

Another great week, you can listen to podcast via the link -

There is an update with the SNL Sunday Long Run 2nd July, we will be heading out to Mt Royal for the Long run, details are attached via the link -

All welcome to join, reach out for more information!!

The Last Supper -

Sunday 23rd July - SNL Group catch up, cover off the last 3 weeks of races, Brisbane Trail Ultra, Elephant Trail Race and Rafferty's Coastal Run and the final block of training for the UTMB Athletes. All welcome to join at the Thirsty Messiah (new brewery in Newcastle) will have a live Beve with Benn Episode as well


  • Intro Song - ACDC -Highway to Hell

  • Welcome to Beve with Benn Episode 15

  • Beer of choice? Brewdog Grapefruit Infused IPA


  • Tom Barton

  • John O’Rourke


  • Last week's training sessions (Strava)

  • Strava Leaderboard

  • Training Peaks - SNL Group


  • Next weeks Sessions

  • Refer Training Peaks

  • UTMB - Sunday Sessions - Mt Faulk Rd Repeats


  • South West Rocks Fun Run - Caleb 3rd Overall Male in the 4km - 18:28


  • Bay 2 Bay 12km + Half Marathon

  • Lakes 100

  • Brisbane Trail Ultra

  • The Guzzler Ultra

  • Elephant Trail Race

  • UTMB


  • Mt Royal - Sunday 2nd July

  • Barrington Top - Sunday 16th July



  • Sunday Runs - All welcome (Mt Faulk Rd Loops)

  • UTMB Training Sessions

COACHES CORNER - Planning your nutrition for training and racing

  • See a nutritionist and or dietian

  • Know what you are eating, understand the nutritional benefits

  • Be consistent and have a plan

  • Plan ahead for the day.

  • If you are fasting / intermediate fasting, be flexible around your training

  • Find out what works for your gut and your digestive system

  • Balance your nutrition - healthy and if you indulge balance it out throughout the day

  • Don’t restrict - limit and in moderation/reward and or substitute

  • Try to have protein with all your meals - stay fuller for longer

  • Protein with carbs to digest better in the system

  • Lo-GI carbs - less processed

  • Good fats - fish / some oils/avocado nuts and seeds/omega 3-6

  • Caffeine boosts the metabolism

  • Buring more than your consuming at times if weight loss is the goal

  • Stress fractures are linked to under fueling

  • Iron - Vitamin B for energy

  • Magniesm to help blood flow and relax/sleep


  • Next week - post questions in Messenger or FB page

5 QF’s WITH BENN (quick facts) Benn Coubrough

  • Favourite Race Experience? UTA 2021 - 15th Overall

  • Race you want to do? UTMB 171km

  • Best Learning and Running / Training Tip? Adapt to the day and have a plan that is flexible

  • Favourite Session of the Week? Sunday Long Runs, The group - the long run, getting to push your limits for the ultra races in the simulations for the races you are training for

  • Fun Fact / Something about you? Play semi-pro football for 15 years, and was a Goalkeeper, but also played on the field and came out of goals one game and scored a volley for the equaliser in the 90th minute.

  • OUTRO SONG - Paint it Black, The Rolling Stones

  • Thanks for joining me @ Beve with Benn

  • Stay tuned for updates

  • Post your questions and updates on racing

  • Stroke No Limits Coaching - stick to the mantra of my 3 D’s #desire #determination #discipline


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