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It's not always smooth sailing.

Just like that! Your race is Apon you. You start to question, doubt yourself. I haven't done many long runs, I haven't had the speed in my training like it was the last build. I haven't been as consistent with the volume or included the strength training. I haven't had a massage... you get the point :)

The response in short.... Deal with it :) It very hard to have a perfect build for a race, unless you have nothing else to focus on that is, but even then, you can get injured or a family matter that needs a attention. With every race, there is a different build, your starting point will be different from a standpoint in fitness, the race that you have previously completed. The time you have available, training solo or with a group. a lot of different factors. Illness can take its toll on you as well, getting run down and not quite able to pull yourself out can be frustrating. Getting onto these things quickly will help with support from health professionals. Being ok to rest and recovery is important in the long run, no point doing things at 50%. Take the intensity out and the volume to keep a base level.

The motivation factor, living in the past will be front of mind that can lead to what was mentioned above, the doubts and questions you make about yourself. Motivation always comes after the action though, so you have to move, act to get the motivation, it won't take long to kick into gear, the patience and consistency game to turn up and show up, do what you can each day, to be better the next, and so on, the state of flow effect. Don't let the past rear its head, focus on the present and do what you can now, the past is there for a reason, to learn and grow, taking action in the present moments to make your future better.

The playbook. so many ways to play your cards, overcome the challenges, pages on your playbook to training and build into your race, hence why they will be different and have different plays to handle different obstacles. Being able to adapt to different plays and respond to those constantly and consistently over time. With each race you arrive at the start line ready for a new challenge with a whole new approached based on the previous and tackle it on how you arrive there. We you may have to adapt the times to your current level, up or down. Having a different strategy to manage yourself. But your there, so just do your best and prepare yourself for everything that may swing your way. Being prepared will make a massive difference physically and mentally. Getting it done the best way possible.

The perspective of everyone one else out there in the race, from 9hrs -26 hours, your not alone and everyone had a different journey and plan for the race, It individual, your the individual so do you, focus on and not anyone else, embrace others that may have it harder and stay true to your why, its not meant to be easy, it's not for everyone so embrace the opportunity you have.


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