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Thanks for helping me to achieve my Goals #uta100 18th Place

@ultratrailaustralia #uta100 #2019 !!! . . I had a dream.... sorry I’m not Martin Luther King. But the dream was to get top 20 with a time of 11hrs. I knew it was a stretch goal, but you have to put it out there to push yourself, and that I did, I hit the 85km mark & I wanted to stop the pain but I was at 10:20 and goal was 11hrs (closed too it) by then but I just gave it all stride by stride... . . This wouldn’t be possible without the people you surround yourself with.... . . I started this journey and set the goal in November .... there are so many too thank and so many that helped me along the way !! There were times when I had doubts and negative feelings but we all do !! . . I was fortunate to have a good day & to achieve 18th place, lost 2 places in the final 2km which hurt but I had no more in the tank !!! . . As said above I wouldn’t have achieved this if I didn’t have the support from those around me but during the past 12 months the a few groups that have held me strong and focused, but most importantly we know who has set the standard and leads by example... @vladdy_runlab thank you for the belief, the training, the support !! . . @runlabhq @strokenolimits @the_concept_sdc @newcastletriclub


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