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Mindset & Fears


Be the best you can possibly be. Pure and simple but it's not easy and gets harder and harder along the journey and get closer to achieving our goals, the noise level gets turned up.

You probably understand that the only way to success is through HARD WORK ... and it is but it's not likely what you think.

Successful people are the ones willing to do what others aren't so they can taste the spoils of victory.

It's that simple.

Nobody trips over, looks up and is successful. They may day dream and hope that it’s the case but it's not. Success is available to ALL of us, and to get it you have to work hard.

It's all in the mindset and beliefs, if you want something you will go for it and make it happen. Where you value things and what you have set in your priorities is the difference in achieving your goals.

You are the most valuable person and asset so you performing at your best will rub off in everything around you. With everything else falling into place.

"90% of the things we worry about don't actually happen."

"Realise "things" area BY PRODUCT of work, stress, sweat, consistency, learning, "failure", determination, dedication, uncertainty, risk and time." -- Andy Frisella

We all have different meanings of success, so my meaning of success is likely to be different to the meaning of success for you. And that is ok.

But let’s look at HARD WORK through our own eyes and determined our own meaning.

The meaning of HARD more often than not gets confused by all of us. The major problem is that most believe they have to bring their 'Rocky Balboa' game to each and every moment. There is definitely a time and place for that. But if you try to play there in each and every time you'll just end up a wreck. And your performances WILL suffer.

The HARD work really is bringing your BEST to the specifics moments and what is required in each and every moment. So when you try and take a shortcut or not follow through with your values or plan, you’re not bringing your best to living to your values or going to get closer to your goals down the track.

In short - YOU are getting in the way of your own results and preventing yourself from achieving your goals.

A comment I get over and over from clients, is I can't do that or I don't time but when I try to get them to slow down everything. To truly go over and look at each item to break it down, they realise that it isn't all that hard or too much as you look at it individually.

So by breaking things down and having that plan, structured into priorities is when the light and tunnel opens to the belief and change or attitude to understand what is needed and how everything can be achieved.

Catching these thoughts and changing our beliefs and mindset is what they find to be HARD.

"I can't '" is really just a natural response, you mind speaking to you as it's something different or not natural to you or in your comfort zone, a normal habit..

Yes it's extremely HARD to put a lid on those thoughts. But you must continue to catch them, be aware and break them down, before you know it you will be more aware and switch it off, changed those beliefs into habits.

All in all it is FEAR speaking. It is our natural thought process so just let it happen and continue to step outside the box, continue to challenge and ask the questions of our fears to overcome them all.

Stop wasting time on those negative actions and thoughts, more forward, remember the more failures we have, the more closer we are to achieving our goals. It's all a part of leaning and development.


Michael Jordan was cut from his college basketball team

Marilyn Monroe - was told she wasn't pretty enough to be a model

Kylie Minogue - was told she can't sing and would never make it

You can do and be whoever you want to be and I'm here always for you to achieve that..

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