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Positive Self Talk - "The Happiness Trap"

The power of using positive words, affirmation to help change your mindset is so powerful and change your self talk to empower yourself and create better habit and belief system to help develop your own mindset is powerful and there are many ways to action this in your daily lives, starting with the words you use to describe yourself and or belief systems. So start with reflecting on the words you use to frame your own positive talk.


  • Intro Song -  Places to be - Fred Again

  • Welcome to Beve with Benn Episode 66

  • Beer of choice?  - Southern Harvest - Wayward Brewery 6.5% - Fresh fruity taste, kiwi fruit hops  

  • What happened last week and what's up this week


  • Training Talks - 

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  • Hugh De Rocquigny

  • Abby Ruyter-Kohoe

  • Mark Hamilton


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  • Sunday Long Run - Sugarloaf Loop 



  • 16/06 - Bay to Bay Running Festival

  • 29/06 - NXC King of the Mountain

  • 28/06 - Brisbane Trail Ultra

  • 6/07 - Gold Coast Marathon

  • 12/07 - Elephant Trail Race

  • 20/07 - The Guzzler Ultra

  • 15/09 - Sydney Marathon

  • 5/10 - Lonely Mountain Ultra


Craig Storey 25km

Hoka Mafate speed 4

Managed to push myself really well without much training after UTA and i didn't really fade at all, which was satisfying, I definitely felt strong for the last 20Km.

Strapped my ankles too tight and was making my calves tight, which was hindering my stride, I had to stop mid race and pull the tape off, it  cost me 6 mins downtime.

Decided it's better to take the time on the chin and stop, rather than push myself for the whole race with tight calves, which could risk a more serious injury and put me out from training for a week or two.

The course was great, I always love running in Glenrock, we're very lucky to have something like that so close to Newy.

And it was so good to see so many quality runners out there today, it's very humbling to be beaten by better runners, but it also lights the fire in me, there's levels to this sport and I know that If I can tweak a few things in my training/diet/ preparation, that I could compete with these guys one day.

No, I took the kids to the park instead.

Rafferty's, then Boudhi and then the Kosci Miler

What shoes did you wear? 

Kristen Saunders - 25km

What shoes did you wear? Hoka Torrent

What went well? 

Injinji socks have been a game changer for my feet - thanks Alesha. 

Fuel also worked well - Gu x 3, Fuel X Pro, cramp fix shot  and a few handfuls of lollies and chips 

What didn't work or went bad?  

Putting my phone in my pocket after taking a picture, I lost concentration, clipped a tree root and landed on my hands, nose and teeth. 

But fortunately no serious injuries other than a bit of skin off on my hands and knees. 

How did you overcome the challenge? 

I jumped up pretty quick and used the adrenaline to get myself up the big hill to scout camp road 

What was the best part of the event? 

Stunning weather and magic coastal views 

Did you celebrate? 

An afternoon on the couch with the remote to myself, dinner with family and a few beers. Massage is booked for 9am tomoz😊

What’s next? 

Something that Lucca wants to do, I’ll cheer her on from well behind.

Matt Hickman - 25km 

Shoes: Speedgoat 5

Went well: The whole day! Tried to maintain consistent pace, soaking up the course and scenery

What didn’t? Illness an injury in the lead up meant I was a little underdone coming in

How did I overcome? Didn’t worry about it. Knew I had the base to get me through 

Best part? Real community vibe, the course - WOW! Some gnarly hills in Glenrock 

Did I celebrate? Sure did, couple of beer and watching my Panthers beating the Eagles

What’s next? Raffertys 36km

Shane Booby - 25km

Hoka Tecton X - No issues, kept me upright in the slippery muddy sections.

Very poor prep, so I didnt have any expectations on time and I didn’t want to go out too hard and crash. So was happy just to work into it and keep moving fwd. Very happy to get a reasonable result without any major issues.

I was hoping to run a bit more than I did in the last 5k. But started to get regular pre-cramp worms in my calves and had to walk and had to reach for the Crampfix 3or4 times. But kept moving forward.

Beautiful day for running. Some awesome support out on course. Great to see some great runs from SNL crew. Also great to see some of the elites. Crossed paths with the 25k leaders as I was going down the link trail to Dudley Beach. And ran down Baileys trail with the leaders in the 50k in their final k’s incl the female winner Steph Auston.

Didn’t have time to hang at the finish to enjoy the atmosphere and celebrate. Had to get moving to get to Sydney to celebrate watching the mighty Swans win of Geelong. Great end to a great day!

What’s next - some more consistent training and then GNW30 in Sept as a lead in to UTK50 in Nov.

John O’Rourke

What shoes did you wear? 

Brooks Cascadia - planned to wear my Salmon SpeedCross but the lugs were too warn (now in the bin)

What went well? 

A wise coach told me to not Red line to much so kept the my pace just below which allowed me to put on the gas for the last 5K.

Also coming back from an injury to my ankle which held up really well.

What didn't work or went bad? 

Not much, just has a stunning sensation in my foot which is an ongoing issue.

How did you overcome the challenge? 

I managed to blank it out as it is not causing damage and I was having such a blast on the down hills.

What was the best part of the event? 

The Beaches!! Stunning scenery and of course the finish.

Did you celebrate? 

Drove back to Sydney so we are heading out for Pizza and Beers tonight.

What’s next?

Surf Coast Century in September.


What shoes did you wear? 


What went well? 

The complete race from start to finish.

The training and reconnaissance runs leading up to the race made it feel very comfortable and no surprises. 

Super coach Benn’s pacing & nutrition plans were on point……literally 😁🙌

What didn't work or went bad?

All worked well considering I had the flu from the kids😱. 

Post UTA TREBLE paid a visit by tightening my RH Glute, then a little tickle on the outside of the knee, I thought oh f@$k not an ITB issue. I have only ever had that once before and knew it would be a pirates leg if it came on.

How did you overcome the challenge? 

Switched up biasing more the LH glute to lead up the hills giving the RH a little rest… worked. 

Kept the mindset on the goal of a 2h:30m finish time.

One tip I can pass on which for some would be easy to do…… is the POWER OF THE CHAT. I made a concerted effort to chat with my fellow runners to help me take my mind off the challenges that arose and even found my pace pickup.

What was the best part of the event? 

Seeing so many of my running friends out on track, I think I used up my Kooooeeee’s in the first 5K.

Achieving my race goal time.

Sarah Benny & Amity meeting me at both the halfway and finish line.

Did you celebrate? 

Yes, with a loud koooeeee!! across the finish line. I thanked a couple of runners who were behind me for keeping me honest to the end. 

A nice cold 0% beer were in buckets, downed 2, it must have been the bubbles felt light headed after 😵‍💫

What’s next? 

Winery Run Half or 10.5K


  • Sunday - Social Runs

  • Lonely Mountain Ultra 5th October (Week before Nicole and Benn's Wedding) celebrate and race in Orange



  • Sunday Runs - All welcome (Sugarloaf Loop)

COACHES CORNER & COMPLAINTS - Gratitude - The Speech you use




Using positive words and affirmations can significantly boost your running ability and motivation. Here’s a guide on how to incorporate positive language into your running routine:

1. Daily Affirmations

Start your day with positive affirmations that reinforce your belief in your running ability and goals. Some examples include:

  • "I am a strong and capable runner."

  • "Every run makes me stronger and faster."

  • "I enjoy the challenge and embrace the journey."

2. Positive Self-Talk During Runs

Use positive self-talk to motivate yourself during runs, especially during challenging parts. Examples include:

  • "I am resilient and can overcome any obstacle."

  • "My body is powerful, and I can achieve my goals."

  • "I am improving with every step I take."

3. Goal Setting with Positive Language

Frame your running goals positively. Instead of saying, "I hope I don’t fail," say, "I will succeed by giving my best effort." Clear, positive goals can be:

  • "I will finish this race with confidence."

  • "I will enjoy every mile of this run."

  • "I will achieve a personal best today."

4. Visualization Techniques

Visualize yourself succeeding in your running goals while using positive words. Imagine yourself crossing the finish line, feeling strong and accomplished, and think:

  • "I am prepared and capable."

  • "I see myself finishing strong and proud."

  • "I am ready for this challenge."

5. Encouraging Others

Support fellow runners with positive words. Encouraging others can also boost your own motivation. Say things like:

  • "You’re doing amazing!"

  • "Keep going, you’ve got this!"

  • "We’re in this together, and we’re going to succeed."

6. Reflecting on Successes

After your runs, reflect on your accomplishments with positive language. Focus on what went well and how you can improve. Think or write:

  • "I am proud of my progress."

  • "I ran well today and will continue to improve."

  • "I overcame challenges and finished strong."

7. Positive Environment

Surround yourself with positive influences, such as motivational quotes, supportive friends, and a community of fellow runners. Examples of motivational quotes to keep around include:

  • "The only limit is the one you set yourself."

  • "Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up."

  • "Believe in yourself and all that you are."

Practical Tips to Implement Positive Language

  1. Write it Down: Keep a journal of positive affirmations and reflect on your progress regularly.

  2. Mantras: Develop a running mantra, such as "Strong and steady," that you repeat during runs.

  3. Visualization: Spend a few minutes before each run visualizing a successful run while repeating positive statements.

  4. Affirmation Cards: Create small cards with positive affirmations and keep them in places where you’ll see them often, like your running gear or on your fridge.

  5. Support Network: Engage with running groups or communities that use positive reinforcement and encouragement.


Incorporating positive words and affirmations into your running routine can enhance your motivation, build your confidence, and improve your overall performance. By consistently using positive language, you create a mindset that supports your running goals and helps you overcome challenges with resilience and determination.


"The Happiness Trap: How to Stop Struggling and Start Living" by Dr. Russ Harris is a highly regarded book that offers a different perspective on happiness and mental well-being. The book is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a powerful psychological approach that helps individuals deal with negative thoughts and emotions in a healthy and effective manner. Here are some key themes and insights from the book:

Key Concepts from "The Happiness Trap"

  1. The Happiness Myth

  • Misconception: The book challenges the common belief that we should always strive to be happy and that happiness is a natural state.

  • Reality: Harris argues that the pursuit of constant happiness can actually lead to greater dissatisfaction and unhappiness because it sets an unrealistic expectation.

  1. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Acceptance: Instead of fighting or suppressing negative thoughts and emotions, ACT encourages accepting them as a normal part of life.

  • Commitment: The focus is on committing to actions that are aligned with one's values, even in the presence of negative thoughts and emotions.

  1. Defusion Techniques

  • Defusion: ACT teaches techniques to help individuals "defuse" from their thoughts. This means seeing thoughts as just words or images, rather than absolute truths.

  • Examples: Techniques include observing thoughts without judgment, labeling them (e.g., "I am having the thought that..."), and using humor or imagery to reduce their impact.

  1. Mindfulness

  • Present Moment: Harris emphasizes the importance of mindfulness and staying present. This involves fully engaging with the current moment rather than getting caught up in past regrets or future worries.

  • Practices: Simple mindfulness exercises such as focused breathing, body scans, and mindful observation are discussed.

  1. Values Clarification

  • Identifying Values: The book helps readers clarify their core values—what truly matters to them. Understanding these values can guide decision-making and actions.

  • Living by Values: Committing to actions that are consistent with one's values, even when faced with discomfort or challenges, is a central theme.

  1. Committed Action

  • Behavior Change: Harris encourages readers to take concrete steps towards their goals and values. This means taking action even when it feels difficult, rather than waiting to feel motivated or happy.

  • Small Steps: Breaking down larger goals into smaller, manageable actions is advised to maintain momentum and build confidence.

Practical Applications for Runners

Runners can apply the principles from "The Happiness Trap" to enhance their training, performance, and overall enjoyment of running:

  1. Acceptance of Discomfort

  • Physical and Mental Strain: Accept that discomfort, fatigue, and negative thoughts are part of the running experience. Rather than fighting these feelings, acknowledge them and keep moving forward.

  • Long Runs and Races: Use acceptance techniques during long runs or races when the going gets tough. Recognize the pain but stay committed to your goal.

  1. Defusion Techniques

  • Negative Self-Talk: When negative thoughts arise (e.g., "I can't do this," "I'm too tired"), practice defusion by labeling these thoughts and not letting them dictate your actions.

  • Mental Imagery: Use mental imagery to see thoughts as passing clouds or leaves on a stream, helping reduce their power over you.

  1. Mindfulness in Running

  • Present Moment Focus: Stay present during your runs. Focus on your breathing, the rhythm of your steps, and the environment around you.

  • Mindful Observation: Pay attention to how your body feels, the sounds you hear, and the sights you see. This can enhance the enjoyment and meditative aspects of running.

  1. Values-Driven Running

  • Identify Values: Determine what running means to you—whether it's health, personal achievement, stress relief, or social connection.

  • Align Actions with Values: Make training and racing decisions based on these values, helping you stay motivated and purposeful.

  1. Committed Action in Training

  • Consistency: Commit to regular training sessions, even when you don't feel like it. Small, consistent actions build up over time.

  • Goal Setting: Set realistic, value-driven goals for your running. Break them down into actionable steps and celebrate progress along the way.


"The Happiness Trap" offers valuable insights into managing thoughts and emotions, which can be directly applied to running and other areas of life. By accepting discomfort, practicing mindfulness, defusing negative thoughts, and committing to value-driven actions, runners can enhance their mental resilience, enjoy their training more, and achieve their goals more effectively.

QF’s WITH BENN (quick facts) Jessica Bree

Favourite race experience = port mac run festival that is held in march. Great event, great atmosphere, awesome vibe and support from both friends and strangers. Where I did my half marathon this year. 

Favourite distance = have done only a handful of events and distances but favourite to date would be my half marathon back in march. Have only done one but looking forward to next. Comfort zone would be 10km. 

Race I want to do= I would love to do another half marathon, maybe either Gold Coast or Adelaide next year. But still undecided, suggestions welcome. 

Best learning and running/training tip = I’ve learnt that if I miss a run or have a bad/average training run that it’s not the end of the world. 

Favourite shoe = either asic nimbus or saucony guide at present. 

Favourite session = can’t beat a run club drills/skills session or a long run. Gym class would be a boot camp 

Holiday destination to travel too =  would be to travel back to Europe or America and revisit a couple places plus go to some new locations. 

Fun fact/something about me = I’m a theatre nurse because of 2 reasons. Firstly, my grandmother who I adored was a nurse. Secondly, I’ve had approximately 20 surgeries over the years so been exposed to the hospital environment.

Thanks for joining me @ Beve with Benn. Stay tuned for updates. Post your questions and updates on racing

Stroke No Limits Coaching - stick to the mantra of my 3 D’s #desire #determination #discipline


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