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Stroke No Limits #JourneytoRoth

When opportunities are given we must taken them - Make your dreams come true!!!

This has happen - Ready to tick a box in the bucket list for a Race I was only dreaming about the possibilities to be able to compete in.

CHALLENGE ROTH - Roth Germany 17th July 2016 !! As you may have been aware that this event is one of the biggest in the world, where Challenge started. I have been invited to race this magical event.

Stroke No Limits has the dream to go to Roth Germany. The event is Challenge Roth - Triathlon 3.8km Swim, 180km Bike & 42.2km Run.... 17th July 2016. Which to make it even more special is that it's is my Dad's Birthday, so I guess it it meant to be :)

What an opportunity and experience so I couldn't say no, even though I am limited with resources to get over there, Would be a dream come true and if I could even get my Dad there would be something else.

This is part of the drive and mission statement for Stroke No Limits - Desire, Determination and Discipline - No Limits - anything is possible with the right mind set and approach.

This Ticket only includes the Race Slot no entry fees, so I have had to cover the Race entry + flights and accommodation + travel while in Germany.

This is a great opportunity to get behind the Charity and do some fundraising to the foundation for support and donate to make this possible. So I am will to throw myself into some challenges and events to help this cause and maximize the profile of the event to grow awareness of Stroke and life after Stroke, Open to any suggestions and ideas to make this happen and raise as much as we can to donate..

All Donations welcome and will link the Charity Page so you can access online as well.

Please like us on Facebook facebook - Stroke No Limits - it's called Challenge for a reason

Thank you and really looking forward to getting out there working for a great cause !!! Desire - Determination - Discipline - Do it for Stroke..

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