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TIPS FOR PREPARATION & NUTRITION Keep you food simple & have foods that you are use to consuming - If you are more fat adapted the carbohydrates you consume will have a better impact on your system and respond better for you come race day & during. No need to over to it with the (carb load) as you don't want to be heavy and bloated for the race. ( more band for you buck ) - The carbs you consume the day before and during will the race will get you through as you will use it during the day (Ironman / marathons - ultra distance races will require added different fuel & at varied time periods of consumption Saturday have a nice lunch with some pasta/rice/potato or bread and or Pizza. Keep hydrated through the day/night & Sunday morning.. Dinner Saturday have something the body is use to, meat & vegetables etc :) possibly have a cup of rolled oats before bed. Breakfast again something the body is use to, muesli & oats + banana or a favourite - grained toast peanut butter with a banana & an espresso shot :) 30 minutes before the race have a muesli bar, fruit or energy gel with water to stay hydrated Rest up over the next day & make sure you do a warm up jog + mobility / dynamic stretches and stay relaxed Good luck on Race Day !!! Enjoy the event, take in all the atmosphere and go at your own pace, focus on relaxed breathing in through nose & out your mouth.. Slow and controlled breathing ... Remember to do your own race. :) - if you find yourself with a stitch slow the pace and focus on breathing - control your breathing 2 seconds in through the nose / 2 seconds out the mouth During the event for a 10km + - fuel every 35-45 mins (gel/electrolytes/flat coke/bar/water) - Have a small sip of water and every water station (especially if it's hot conditions) REMEMBER IF YOU FEEL FLAT ITS TOO LATE, SHOULD HAVE FUELED EARLIER - Even if you feel okay, fuel within times to stay ahead, you can be in front but can never catch up especially in the final third of the race.. (Mindful of not exceeding the intake of nutrition) - Will lead to stomach issues, cramping & stitches - 30g Carbohydrates + 10g Protein 4:1 ratio, every 30-45 minutes. All the hard work has been done - now execute what you have practiced and what ever happens on the day happens - embrace and take it as it comes as its all learning for everything we do now & in the future - Important to have that belief & trust in your training / preparation and journey, we all believe in you so have a belief and trust in yourself The good with the bad - fun times / smile and be willing to change and adapt to the day and events.. Have your little mantra's for the race especially through those tough periods ( tough times don't last tough people do, what goes up must come down - embrace the pain - get uncomfortable to get comfortable) These little mantra's along the way to keep focused & keep I tune for the race - Remember everyone is going through the same race - Remember control what we can and that's all that matters - remember your journey and where you are today, how far you have come and what you have achieved and the susses ahead - Embrace the sacrifices you have made and all the efforts in training, the time you have put in to prepare and those that have helped you along the journey - have your visualisation for running down there finishing shoot crossing the line celebrating with friends and family I hope all this helps for your racing and having the best experience on the day

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