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When we start something new and or a change in life occurs, we all experience challenges, we but prepare for these challenges and allow for things not to goto plan and or adapt to the changes and continue to adjust and work towards building new routines and habits.

Life is a wave and we have to ride with the waves and challenge the challenges, build strength from tackling the challenges and achieving results and progression.

We have to stop being hard on ourselves and just take it for what it is and move forward, we always get a new day and new opportunities.

We support all the people we care about around us, so do the same for you, if not not functioning well, how are we going to look after th others we care about? we support others, so treat yourself well and you will be stronger and in a better frame of mind to handle the tough situations and be our best for others.

tough times don’t last, but tough people do

you can have a bad day, but doesn’t mean the next day has to me bad

Plan and be prepared, not planning is planning to fail

tomorrow will always be tomorrow - take action now

Change will always occur, adjust and change with it, don’t fight it

Change in life and schedule will always take an adjusting, so focus on the can do , do what you can

Think big picture, everything you do to build and grow, missing one thing doesn’t mean everything

So having one bad day, doest mean your week has to be the same.

Missing one workout doesn’t mean the rest of the workouts have to be missed

Having one bad meal, doesn’t mean the rest have to be bad, improve on the next meal, balance and look at the whole day

Build consistency to build progress

Stop being hard on yourself and or judging yourself, you are you and the best version of yourself is all that matters.

Tackle the tough actions and tough times to build strength from thought choices and thoughts

your thoughts will not go away, they will always appear, take the action from those thoughts to align with your goals

its not the thoughts its the action on the thoughts

motivation comes after the action, more action more motivation, more results

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