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Ultimate Forster 2017 Race Report


- was flat and legs were sore / Head wasn’t in the game - even had the thoughts to not race and rest and or could have quiet easily opted to do the olympic or sprint distances, but it’s the beginning of the season and had not raced in a few months as in triathlon so I chose to push those thought and not let myself talk myself out of it and be soft / compromising with the negative, knowing o would feel better for doing it and stronger for it, plus able to overcome the questions the doubt in future ... the negative talk did not help, saying I was tired and sore didn’t help, motivation has been low, just in a bit of Low currently with personal life, loving Work and my athletes as it’s been great, just finding it a battle when alone and coming home at night to nobody but myself, dinner and a book, but again been using the cues to catch the thoughts to bring myself back to focus. Grateful and I don’t really have much to complain about with health and lifestyle... but it’s always the battle we have to deal with as the mind is powerful.. Using he cues and meditation to be in focus but had been continuing to keep using it to bring me in focus.


- Chicken Salad with Sweet Potato Chips / A Cider and some Dark Chocolate

Morning / Nutrition

- Banana 250ml Coconut Water


- was flat and using my visuals and cues to bring my head in focus and was okay for the race but wouldn’t say I was pumped / just still feeling tired and sore / was on the rolled on the morning but didn’t help much

Swim Leg

- Started swim / was really not in the zone this morning / and started swim going through the visuals and cues from training - but just could not get comfortable, lower back felt off, didn’t feel good in wetsuit (lack of using the wetsuit, bad form) tried to get in rhythm but just could not get any power or pace it like I was stuck in zone 1 and quads were like bricks, just kept bringing myself back to trying to Feel the water, and enjoy being in the water / and forgetting how the body felt and how the race was getting away, trying to relax the body and not tighten up

Bike Leg

- As soon as I started the bike I knew it was going to be a long 80km / quads were tight and sore - had my temple Nutrition - electrolytes / fuel with 600ml water for the ride, used that for entire ride / was a struggle with legs, hamstring felt uncomfortable through the ride same to what I have been feeling in the last 2 weeks, but just let breaking the ride down in to sections 10km markers and staying at the ace I felt I could hold, I was over taking people still though and not two riders from teams passed me... but quads were toasted, last 20km i pushed it though and in the hilly sections I pushed it up out of the saddle, kept cadence consistent and was watching speed to hold consistent pace,

Run Leg

- Was a hilly course and started at a good pace, the hills caught up to be though, finished hard, was finding myself hold back though as monitoring my hips / lower back in case it blow, so kept it at a pace I could manage, possibly could have pushed harder but mindset was not there and was being cautious.. Nutrition / water at aid stations / one gel at 4km and a cup of coke at 16km - was enough and didn’t feel sluggish or anything...

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