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Keeping the eye on the PRIZE

It's easy to lose focus and track of the big picture in your own pursuit of glory and achieving your goal. We are continually surrounded by information around us, online, friends, family, the local enthusiasts. We see and hear what is the new black, what's in trend, what way is better and why you need the newest technology or training tool / aid. How to recovery, how to gain fast times, build strength, lose weight. the list goes on.

I have been around the industry for a long time now, I am still learning, changing, adjusting to new training tools and methods, as I know I have to change and continue to learn about all the different ways of training, developing, or I can fall behind, or loose track. But its easy to get confused and lose the focus, with all the different training stimulus / methods / tools etc. along with the person using this and that, and I heard this and that someone was does this etc etc.. A lot of people are now flooded with all this information and get confused and don’t know where to start, or continue the pattern of starting and stopping through the impatience of not achieving a results straight away, Yes - WE WANT IT NOW!!! with the technology we get and have so much on our finger tips. Thanks Google :)

I try and take all the information available and continue to educate myself with all the information and from my mentors to create the platforms and plans that will suit each individual: as we are all different, we react and respond differently to the training methods and stimulus. A Coach can have the best tools, the best plans etc, but its not the coach that trains and races, its the athlete…. the execution is done by the athletes. How you, the athlete, executes the plans, the races and intimately achieves the desired results, goals and outcomes.

The Race is the icing on the cake - the training is where the work is done. The most successful athletes are the ones that keep the eye on the prize, they stay focused on the big picture, and have passion for the process, patience with the building process, hungry to achieve the results, they have a wider focus as a whole to balance out their life and are committed. They do the hard work, they adjust and change to what is suited to them and are not afraid to fail, to have a slip up, miss a session due to other commitments. They rise before others, they stay back and work on the little things that others skip because its time consuming or hard.

Have the belief and faith to rest when you need it, to not chase that 5km time when your fatigued. If the goal is a Marathon, it’s not wise not to continue to train yourself to the ground, don’t isolate yourself, community and give feedback to develop. Keep your eyes open and don’t take that pill that promises a quick fix. Learn about your body and know how to feel, create that engine and build a range of zones and bands to stay fit and healthy.. #nutrition #training #recovery …. it all matters

Hard Work: its not easy. You don’t get given anything that is worth achieving. If you did you would get nothing done and left feeling empty. Working for something and achieving it. What a feeling you gain, the high, your serotonin levels rise and you can’t get that smile off your face… The sense of achievement you gain can not be beaten… those early morning, the sacrifices you made, the planning the preparation all the way to build to the result… the people around you throughout the journey and getting to celebrate it with the loved ones, family and frients.

As they are just as important and played a part also, training partners, cook meals, coaching, having someone to turn to for guidance, to listen to you when your going through a tough time, finding balance in life…. IT IS NOT EASY…. HARD WORK… COMMITMENT TO HTE PROCESS… Its not perfect all the time and you will not have all the boxes ticked, green boxes, red and yellow boxes they are all part and parcel of the big picture and process.

We sometime have bad day, we can have bad races…. We have good days and good races. We all have a choice, we choose to do things, we choose how we respond to our thoughts, thoughts we all have them, the actions are what matter and what count…. its okay to doubt and think of the negative, but move forward - be consistent, the more you work the more you gain.

There is no straight line to achieve a goal - it goes up and down, just like our feelings and thoughts. There is also a next time, to train, if it doest feel right, maybe its not right at that moment. You can also have another go and do another race… be grateful for the opportunity and show gratitude for the chance to do something you are passionate about and your life, an endless opportunity to achieve the potential to be the best you can be in those moments.

Belief in yourself, have faith in the process and don’t doubt yourself, show people, prove to people what you can do, you don’t have to be the best, you just have be you and your best !! the outcome is only what you put in and what you do on the day. If you can say, I gave it my all and that everything you could have done was done: goal achieved.

Learning from every training session every race, making each session, each race better, as you following the journey and continue thrive and develop yourself. Live life with passion, be the best version of yourself, Desire, Determination, Discipline there are no limits, only the limits you set yourself.

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