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The Roller Coaster Ride of giving yourself

The Roller Coaster Ride of giving yourself

As a coach and being in the sport arena, fitness industry, I meet a whole range of different minds and people that are creative, outgoing, happy, motivated, inspiring, determined, focused, disciplined and passionate. You try and surround yourself with people that show those characteristic

in life, like-minded people, these people were keep you lifted and pushing forward to achieve more from yourself. But that is one side of the penny, the positive side, when it comes to the other side, there can be a lot of negative, people, attitudes, mindsets, the vampires that drain the life out of you, who just want to suck all your energy and give nothing in return, continue to blame, use excuses, denial their issues of problems, who hide when things get tough or sky away from making changes. They keep pulling you back, holding you back so they are not left behind, make them feel better about not addressing the bigger issues. The people they say to you, come on live a little, its only cake, it’s only a few beers, come on let’s have take-out, I should go for a run, I should wake up early, I should shop for groceries and make my own food.

Fear is the biggest cause in this I guess and what continues to hold us all back. Fear of the unknown, Fear or what might happen, Fear of failure, Fear of change, not known how to do something, or how to change.

It is hard at times, I see it happen a lot in the industry, people just want more and more and take more and more, emotionally more than physically, welcome to the roller coaster ride of emotions in life and when you deal with many different people day to day.

All your energy goes to them and your left drained and tired, forever giving and never receiving, Your hot and your cold, one day to the next. You make one mistake or forget something and bang you’re the worst in the world because you missed something for them, everything that you have done is all forgotten and you’re the worst people in the world, see it all the time and you have to be strong to battle this and not let it beat you down. As it happens all the time with us all. It’s not always like that though and some people don’t mean to react in those ways, communication break-down through both parties, people telling stories, mixed messages, assumptions and accusations , trust issues, other circumstances in life that build up and come to a big explosion.

Trust and have faith, be true to you and be the best you can day to day. Patience and empathise to those around you. Chase your dreams and do what makes you happy, you can’t control people, you can control you though and your attitude, do you and be you. Its okay to have a bad day or moment.

Take a break and let it process, regroup and move forward. Learn and change, continue to learn and continue to change, Adapt and be open. Plan your day and time, making sure you don’t be a victim or letting others take your time continuously, “don’t be a prostitute to your time.” Keep to your appointments as best you can, with in reason of course, allowing for some variables as things will pop up, 9/10 its not a perfect world, but make it work best for you, keep in control of the day, run your day, don’t let the day run you, like the saying, “get from the day, not through the day.”

The Rock Diary - A Diary that locks in all your appointments and items you have set to achieve / stick to it - mapping out your day so you get the most out of your time. 168 Hours in a week, complete a time audit to break down the course anytime you spend on each per day, per week. Make sure you use the hours we have available and not waste too many on pointless tasks. Make everything you do for a purpose to get more from the day and the task.

We all need time to ourselves to let our minds relax and settle, take the time out that you require to keep focused and your own head in the game. Schedule in time for yourself, to do something for you, weather it be your training, reading a book or spending time with your partner, family or friends. Important to have your own goals in life as well.

Look out for yourself also, as you need to be looking after you, if your not well you wont be in the best place or state of mind to care for others, especially the ones you care for the most. Personal Development, Personal Growth, you need that to align with how you run your life and yourself to in turn pass that onto others to enhance their own development.

We all have energy suckers in our lives, but it is our choice to choose how and when it affects us in our own daily lives.

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