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A Midday Session

Midday Session... feeling flat from a big week and km's on the legs...with more to come.. but you know in the big picture it needs to be done...Goal is set, you want to step up, yes you don't want to do it.. You question , you doubt... we all do it.. How bad do you want it? Easy to just say no I'm tired take the day off, your mind is built to preserve itself, and there can be times when you should, but 9/10 you can do it.. Yeah you might not me totally prep for it, tired and still managing load from the previous session on the legs, running and strength training (prehap) But you can just start, warm up and do a couple of sets and yes if they aren't going to plan and you still like crap and maybe pull it.. but wait you start to feel okay and you can just hold a pace, that might not be your best, but as far RPE you doing it tough and its uncomfortable, thats the point, use through and give it your best shot !!

Desire - to achieve your goals and your best - Determination - to push yourself and achieve what you desire, push though doubts, shrug them off, Head space , the doubts build on the people that have judged you, or constantly hear around you, the people that sit back watch, comment and put you down, scared of either what you are doing or what they can't do themselves, afraid to be left behind or questioned themselves. You hear around, You can't do that, why bother, that's just too hard, but your not good enough to do that?

Pushing those limits and thoughts - Takes accountably, but who? Yes, yourself in the end. Your Goals, Your Why, in the end when it comes down to it. Your training solo, so its you alone to choose and your choice to do it... Yes you have a coach, or training partners but that's just some good tools to use to help and keep it fun and enage with the community and networks around you.

Coach has set the program, they are monitoring and pushing the buttons asking those questions of you, what will you do and how far are you committed to take it, even when those doubts creep in... Having people around you to support you and call on, knowing that they are behind you also can make a huge difference all so.

Look on training Peaks - you see Thursday's workout - Sets of 1km x 12... or what even it may be for you.. there is method and a reason, so just have to do it, hard work, it called hard for a reason, do you wish to get better, then it just has to be done. Push the envelope, stretch those muscles, tear the fibre, expand and grow, create further adaptations and brake down the muscles, creating muscle hypertrophy and increasing the muscles synthesis, shock the central governing system to build new muscles and stronger muscle protein strands or myofibrils. To increase the performance and prevent fatigue, especially for endurance athletes..

Loving the training and the opportunity, to be able to train and bounce off others in the sport, gain more experience and knowledge. Been coaching others for a long time and being involved in endurance sport for many years, coaching others in different sports, Triathlons, Road Running to Ultra Running, For me it's a great challenge to be out of my comfort zone, and now doing it myself. Coaching and doing is totally different, people question things and challenge you, but that is always going to happen anywhere you go. But why not gain the experience with the best and thats what i have around me. Exposing myself in trails, on the track doing more speed work. In which I haven't done in so many years. Didn't make time to do that and skipped it previously to spend that time in the water or on the bike, coaching others.. Running is the focus and having just one disciple help me fit all that in and still be able to coach.

Can discuss further on how to go from doing lots of volume swimming, cycling and running, to just doing one disciple - Running, and keeping the volume up on the legs, racing marathons back to back, ultra distance training sessions over the multiple weekends, speed working between... The other little things, body maintenance, strength training and nutrition of course.

Bring on the Great North Walk Ultras #50miler #80km #ultratrail big thanks to Runlab​ Stroke No Limits​ #timetoplay

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