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Maximising your training time

Not a lot of people train in a specific way and or stick with it long enough to get the benefits long term.

You have to remember you cant always train on the redline and be hanging on the edge of blowing up.

You cant be feeling drained and tired all the time - there has to be planned periods in the training blocks for sessions and or a week are training under a load of fatigue, but there also have to be sessions when you are fresh to be about to perform better, and get the most of the times that were training under fatigue :)

It’s all comes together in the end…. but it has to broken down… volume increase and with a build of intensity, training through fatigue to stretch the nervous system and build muscles, mentally and physically.

Add intensity to get the body moving fast to create a different stimulus, build the power, teaching the body to move faster, using different energy systems, as in endurance the body will use all the systems at times.

Adding the strength training and building a stronger body to handle the intensity and stay stronger for time under load, endurance, the key to maintain a form in endurance.

Training the body to be pushing the limits, training the body to be able to handle the time at race pace efforts, getting the body use to pushing itself and holding thresholds for longer, time practice and training will also develop that and allow you to be able to handle the intensity for race day, if you don’t practice training in those zones, come race day the body won’t know what to do and shutdown in shock.

Fear of change - there are changes and things that you are not use to ? Fail evidence appearing real, be patient, be positive and have faith, trust in the process, and be consistent, persistent leads to results.

Your body goes through phases where it changes and then and absorbs and then can get use to it and therefore when change is needed - loads on the body need to change / tapering needs to be experienced as well - Leading in to a major race and you start to tape, if you haven't really experienced and tapering along training block, or a long build in the training.

You can really confuse the body and cause yourself to get sick / feel flat and tired etc - we all have different ways and processes but / it’s a science and the body needs the up and downs to absorb and process, to get all the benefits of the training - to get stronger get in the long run..

We are all busy people and we all need to work our training and racing around the family and work - so the time training is meant to be specific, maximising the time that you spend training, to get the most out of all your training with the time you have. Hence why their is intensity levels built in to get you stronger and fitter, with not many dead time or kilometres…

Having a consistent build, will give you time to still allow for the long training session, race practice sets.... but you need to be fresh for the those sessions , not just tired and turning the legs over to get hours and hours on the legs because your got a 42.2km - 100km run or 180km Bike Leg.

Triathlon - Remember - Ironman has a marathon at the end, so you can be as strong as like riding 180 km, but if you cant run string off the bike, it’s going to a longer, harder day in the end…. A stronger runner will always help in the cycling !!!

As said from the start, i am here to help - so ask !!! there is a purpose and a reason for your training andthe structure to the way it is built….. when the intervals are hard they are meant to be, get the most out of the training - teaching the body to move and absorb…

Too many train in zone / T1-T2 for too long and too much, waste time training and only teaches the body to move slow and typically in not in good form… so make sure you are hitting the zones in the session to make sure you get the most out of them…

You have to remember your not training for 30-40 hours like pro athletes, they have the time to do those, but you are limited to the time on your available to train, so you have to focus on what you do in the session to optimise on the training time….

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