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Port Macquarie Ironman 2019

Don’t we all love race week :-) when all those little pains and aches appear all of a sudden, you notice all those little What ifs that start to pop into your head forming themselves in self-doubt in what you have done or what may lay ahead. You question why didn’t I do that or this, haven’t done enough of that, or I feel okay let’s go for a longer ride or run, need to do some strength work on the legs. Stop for a moment and take a breath count to 10 and step out of your head. Sit down and write all these questions down and then write down next to it what you can do with what you have. Write down all the what if’s and possibilities of the race and write down how you overcome them and approach them if they do happen. If your planned and prepared nothing is going to shock you come race day you will be ready and a step of the game to be able to adapt and handle the situation at ease. Control the controllable, that is all you can do control your head space your mind, yourself self talk and it will be what it will be on the day. Small and in embrace the day, the hard work is done now it’s the race ahead you should be excited and looking forward to the challenge that is ahead, just remember you can’t control the conditions everybody else will be going through the same experiences it all comes down to who Can mentally adapt and stay focused on their plan. Yes it’s going to hurt yes you’re going to find it hard at times, but everybody else is going through the same it just comes down to who can hurt more who wants it more, And how bad do you want it? You all have made lots of sacrifices in training in preparing for this race working your lifestyle around this with family and work commitments, this is your time the time is now so take it and embrace it. Remove your thoughts of the should a could a would a, and just do it !!! Be the best you can be on the day and that is all that matters, wishing you all the best I know you all have a great race I believe in what you want to achieve now you believe and execute

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