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Autumn isn't cooling anyone down

March brings and end to Summer and the beginning of Autumn, less daylight and slightly cooler weather.... Well the weather seems to have changed in the opposite direction... a hot start to the month win some + 37 degree days and some hot racing and training..

Not a time to relax your hydration and cooling strategies now... Reminder to prepare for extra intake of fluids while out on the long runs, especially if your off the beaten track and remote. Refuel and hydrate after training to help the recovery and keep hydrated during the day so you don't crash in the afternoon or wake up flat :)

Some awesome sessions last week, especially enjoyed the trail sess on Thursday. Great to find a home for the strength session, refer to social for the ONE TRIBE FITNESS details and sessions - Mon 6:30pm, Wednesday 6:30am & Friday 6:30am which will be more of a mobility session. Ice baths and Sauna's are available also.

As per previous post - Beve with Benn the addition to keep everyone informed on what has been happening and what's in store for the future. So get on and check out the trailer and first episode

Port Macquaire Running Festival - Linda Minter with a Treble Breakwall Buster, and boy she broke through the breakwall getting through the the 21.1 + 10 + 5km with a total of 36.1km and then straight into the ocean to cool off in some hot temperatures. Poor Col had to wait for this 5k before he could cool off after already running the half marathon. Looking forward to the breakdown of both there races, can only imagine what was said during the 5km where they ran together all the way to the finish line. Linda a little over 4 hours for the buster and Colin running his longest ever race in a little under 3:30 for both his runs. Well done guys.. Hope the recovery is going well. Well done to Shayne Pilgrim for also smashing the half marathon as well, good to hear the day went well after the little niggle leading in. Congratulations to everyone else that had a run in port mac, great place and a well organised event by Kevin.

Across and over into regional NSW, Orange, for the running festival where again the temps were up but the faces were more red than orange. Jordy had his debut marathon. New to the team and a newbie to the running scene but has a great attitude and mindset so there will be bigger and better races for him ahead. He battled through the day with a bit of a hip issue we discovered early in the start of working together and then went the wrong way, but true to the character even crossing the finish line early, he went back out there and got the distance and finished the race. Well done Jordy a lot of others would have pulled the pin!!

This weel brings us to Six Foot Track Marathon....... Linda, Oli, Craig, Mark, Colm along with myself and the Sydney crew are heading to the Blue Mountains for the six foot track, after a year from last year we are all excited to race and experience the special finish line Six Foot brings each year.

Happy training and race everyone, look out for the pod to drop later for the weekly segments and race updates.


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