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Ridgy Didge & Bouddi Weekend Adventures

The last two weekends have been pretty packed !! Dodgy weather causing a few events to be postponed, UTA course getting damaged !!

Some great results from those that did race though, Ben @ Brooklyn taking their first wins in Lithgow. And a great session training down in Bouddi to get lots of stairs in. Tune in for a more in-depth brief of the last two weeks of training and racing!!

  • Intro Song -  Running - Pearl Jam New Song 

  • Welcome to Beve with Benn Episode 57

  • Beer of choice?  -  At The Door - Mountain Culture NEIPA - Limited Edition

  • What happened last week and what's up this week


  • Training Talks - 

  • Weekly training review - Strava - Training Peaks

  • Upcoming Sessions

  • Athlete Interview -  Linda Stanoborough, Ben and Brooklyn Darcy, Kate De Rocquigny, Joe Mitchell. Colm Phelen

  • Upcoming Races - Newcastle Marathon

  • Running Experiences (Blue Mountains Run)

  • Socials - 21st April Blue Mountains

  • Outro Song - Incubus - Nice to know you


  • Last week's training sessions (Strava)

  • Strava Leaderboard

  • Training Peaks - SNL Group 


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  • Sunday Long Run - Glenrock Loop 


Canberra Marathon

- 3:37 - 4th AG - PB Linda Stanborough

Ridge Didgy Trail Run

13km - Brooklyn Dacey - 1st - 1:13

30km - Ben Dacey - 1st - 3:14

30km - Kate De Rocquigny - 5:05 - 5th AG

30km - Colm Phelen - 4:00 - 1st AG

30km - Mike Kelly - 4:09 - 1st AG 

42km - Benn Coubrough - 3rd - 4:37 

50km - Mel Ralph - 7:36 - 3rd

50km - Mark Hoult - 7:36 - 3rd

Hill 2 Harbour

Danielle Fleming - 12km PB - 1:34

Craig Sandy - 52:52 - 17th AG

Josh Hancock - 55:03 - 49th AG

Joe Mitchell - 48:52 - 14th AG



  • 21/4 Newy Marathon

  • 16-18/5 UltraTrail Australia



   - What shoes did you wear? 

The New Balance ones you sold me

What went well? Kept my cool and was able to run the whole way pretty steady.

What didn't work or went bad?  Starting at the back of the pack because of a toilet delay.

How did you overcome the challenge? Weaved in and out of people for a k . Next time would arrive earlier.

What was the best part of the event? Finishing  

Did you celebrate? Yes with a 5 hour drive home (mark drove) and bday drinks and dinner for Pete.

What’s next? 

UTA 11, 22, 50 eeek!!


Ridge Didgy Trail Run 

What shoes did you wear? 

My Topos- best shoes ever

What went well? 

My nutrition plan - it all went as needed to. Kept fluid up and generally energy was good.

What didn't work or went bad?  

I paced for a 30k race, when I got to 27ks it became apparent that the course was going to be longer but I wasn’t sure how long. Was hard to know how to pace not knowing how much else was coming. 

How did you overcome the challenge? 

I didn’t, I hit my 30k in the pace I wanted but overall missed the time I wanted.

What was the best part of the event? 

I got PRs in all but 1 of the segments and given  I did a lot more ks then last years run it was great to see how far I’ve come.

Did you celebrate? 

Just a warm curry and some red drink

What’s next?

UTA then maybe Jabulani

Ben Darcy

Ridge Didgy Trail Run

What shoes did you wear? I wore the salamon pulsar trail pro. Good shoe for the conditions. They perform well in the wet, but are a little unstable, so the ankles were getting a little sore from the technicals sections.

What went well? My race plan went well, which was go out hard and see what happens. I hadn’t done that before and it seemed to work. It wasn’t exactly as I thought it would have been as you will hear in my (what didn’t go well part) but overall it worked. I have been training really well this build and I think this is the fittest I have ever been. I wanted to work the up hills hard and smash the down hill sections which I think I achieved, and did a good job on.  The guy I was battling with for 25km was really quick on the open sections and would just take off and be out of sight, I thought to myself( oh well he’s gone. Just do what you can do and try and hold of 3rd place)but then would come a technical down hill and I would catch back up. I made up a huge amount of ground on the down hill parts. And on the  steep up hill sections I would claw back a little ground. All for him to just fly back past me and be out of sight again. But I stuck to my plan to go out hard and bomb the down hill sections and go as hard as I could on the ups and sure enough I would catch back up again. After I passed him on an up hill section at about 26km I could tell he was struggling so I just thought push as hard as you can for the last few km hit the last down hill hard and hopefully he wouldn’t catch me on the last 800m of flat to the finish.

What didn't work or went bad? My pre race nutrition. I always have toast with peanut butter on race day or before a long run. My hotel didn’t have a toaster, I went to race check in early to see Mel and mark start their race but by the time I got back to my hotel there was only 1.5hrs left until my race start, so I ran down to maccas and grabbed 2x bacon and egg rolls and a banana bread which I ate about 1hr from race start. (Stupid rookie mistake) I should have known better but I was a little flustered and wasn’t thinking. Just before the race start I was feeling a little sick in the stomach. As the race  started I was feeling great, went out hard and I’m feeling good but 500m in my breakfast started coming back up. And from that point on for about 2 hours I couldn’t push the paces I was expecting to run. I was just dry reaching and burping and it was hard to take in any tail wind. 

How did you overcome the challenge? I knew there was nothing I could do to rectify the problem. I was thinking of sticking my fingers down the throat and making myself throw up but I had no idea how that would affect the rest of the race. All I could do was slow down the pace a little when it was getting bad and time would hopefully sort the rest out. I did tip one of my tail winds out and refilled it with water just so I could get some fluids down, but that was about all I could do. After around 2hrs that feeling went away

What was the best part of the event? The best part of the event for me was when I finished the race brooklyn was there and told me he had won his race. He has been training really hard and I was so happy for him and very proud.

Did you celebrate? No, we haven’t celebrated yet as we had a very busy weekend.

What’s next? I have Uta comming up which I have been training quite hard for, but my big goal for the year will be the UTMB.

Brookly Darcy

What shoes did you wear? Salomon pulsar trail pro

What went well? I ran and hiked the hills very efficiently and did well on the technical downhills which is where I made up positions also I had a positive mindset the whole run and eliminated any negative thought’s

What didn't work or went bad?  Nothing didn’t work, everything went my way except for when negative thought come into my mind

How did you overcome the challenge?

I always turned the negative into a positive and I always thought about the 40% rule so when I was starting to feel fatigued I thought to myself I’m not actually as fatigued as I think I am

What was the best part of the event? Getting my first podium and first win, also getting to overtake the leader in the last 800meters and putting 20 seconds on him

Did you celebrate? Not really but we got food on the way home

What’s next? UTA 11

Colem Phelan - Ridge Didgy Trail Run 

What shoes did you wear? 

Nnormal Tomir

What went well? 

I was strong on the flat and uphill parts

What didn't work or went bad?  

I stubbed and bruised my little toe the day before the race and wasn’t sure how I’d go as it was sore. 

How did you overcome the challenge? 

Turned out to be ok apart from on the technical downhill parts (of which there were lots). I had to walk those parts like a duck which might have cost me about 20 mins.

What was the best part of the event? 

Seeing Ben Darcy get his first race win.

Did you celebrate? 

Had a few Mountain Culture and watched the Tigers.

What’s next? 

No plans. Maybe focus on getting a sub 20 Park run.

JOE MITCHELL - Hill to harbour

48:52 52nd overall..

What shoes - nike vaporflys

What went well - the first 5km i did my first ever sub 20minute 5k.. and happy to hold on to a fairly quick pace for me until the end (4.06 pace)

What didn't work - told my buddies I'd win the King of the hill and put the money on the bar after the race..

The challenge was keeping that pace for the 12km, tried to focus on  breathing ..

The best part was seeing a bunch of my non running work buddies tackle there first even running event and seeing them finish

Celebrated at carro bowling club, a few day beers and lunch

Uta is next!! Yeehaw


  • Sunday - Bouddi Coastal Run

  • Blue Mountains - 22nd March 2024 !!! (8 weeks from event)



  • Sunday Runs - Blue Mountains - Kedumba

Thanks for joining me @ Beve with Benn. Stay tuned for updates. Post your questions and updates on racing

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