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SNL head back to the GNW

What a weekend! Sydney crew had Bondi to Manly and the Newy crew with in the central coast for the GNW races!!

Enjoy the audio on the podcast all the written experiences below!! Thanks for the Trotters for putting on another great event. Great to see the team bonding together throughout the event and always so supportive of each other !! Many great results and also training session for bigger races ahead. Its a brutal course and a big challenges in the conditions out there, rocky technical single tracks and climbing up and down rocks with the added heat to negotiate also as the day heated up.

Looking for to Bouddi Caostal run and the Ultra Trail Kosci to close out the year !


  • Adina Wheeler


  • Last week's training sessions (Strava)

  • Strava Leaderboard

  • Training Peaks - SNL Group


  • Next week's Sessions

  • Refer Training Peaks

  • Sunday Long Run - Wakefield - Heaton



  • Kristen Sukkar (Leg 3 - 23km - 2:14) - 7:29:59 (Off-Road Rogues) Chris keyes, Natasha Hammond & Heather Young

  • John O’Rouke (Leg 3 - 23km - 2:30) - 7:52:43 (The Botany Boys) Eugene Casey, Jeremy Brown, Conrad Winter,

  • Matt Hickman - (Leg 1 - 20km - 2:11) - 9:29:53 (Running Rebels) Matt Hickman, Kat Peaty, Rene Roos, Lonneke Kefalas


Josef McGrath - 6:18:33

Dom Bullock - 6:20:58

Martin Jansen - 6:24:56

Steph Auston - 7:12:17

Lucy Holman - 7:22:41

Cheryl Greenway - 7:34:49


  • Mitch Clark - DNF - was sick and lacking energy, could breathe properly, had COVID 2 weeks ago, so it played its part i would think.

Michael Lough - 23:24

Matthew Lewis - 27:16

Paul Doyle - 28:24

Sarah Harvey - 32:06

Rosemmary Catton - 34:42


Nicole Paton - 13:45

Jay Cherry - 14:06

Tom Joss - 14:35

Nicole Paton

Alessandra Martines - 17:01

Charlie Richardson - 18:32


Warren zrolfe - 8:30

Jason Stafford - 8:46

Elliot Temple - 9:08

Claire Mcnamara - 12:42

Lauren Harris - 15:39

Amanda Wolthers - 15:39


  • Benn Coubrough - 2nd / 1st Age - 5:37:01

  • Jason Limberiou - DNF

Nic Hoskin - 5:28

Benn Coubrough - 5:37

Dean Pollitt - 5:48

Ela Heiniger - 6:02

Maddi Fleetwood - 6:25

Charlie Potter - 6:39


  • Linda Minter - 58th - 2nd Age - 4:10:37

  • Karine Limberiou - 78th - 6th Age - 5:11:42

  • Danielle Fleming - 85th - 3rd - 5:53:05

  • Heather Duffy - 69th - 1st Age - 4:43:39

  • Anissa Storey - 89th - 4th - 6:16:13

  • Kim McDonald - 84th - 7th - 5:53:04

  • Sharyn James - 57th - 1st Age - 4:10:18

  • Oli Pitts - 11th - 6th - 3:05:03

James Haugtmamn - 2:37

Kane Hennessy - 2:41:25

Myles Foulds - 2:41:26

Michaela Mcdonald - 2:57

Sophie Lane - 3:21

Annette Henderson - 3:33


  • Tan Bailey - 16/64 - 01:13:27 1st in Age Group 6th Female overall

Tristan Byrne - 51:55

Stacey Bremmer - 55:44

Emma Smith - 55:47

Bernhard Freisler - 56:08

Xavier Wech - 59:03


  • 11/11 Bouddi Coastal Run

  • 18/11 Mt Stromlo

  • 26/11 Central Coast Running Festival

  • 25/11 Alpine Challenge

  • 1/12 Coast 2 Kosci

  • 7/12 Ultra Trail Kosci


  • 17-18/2 Tarawera Ultra Marathon

  • 24/2 Snowy Mountains Ultra

  • 3/3 Runfest Port Macquarie

  • 9/3 Six Foot Track

  • 15/3 Australia Alpine Ascent

  • 22-24/3 SNL Blue Mountains Bender

  • 22-24/3 Buffalo Stampede

  • 23/3 Noosa Ultra Trail

  • 6/4 Jabulani Challenge

  • 7/4 Canberra Marathon

  • 7/4 Mt Solitary Ultra

  • 7/4 Hill 2 Harbour

  • 21/4 Newy Marathon

  • 16-18/5 UltraTrail Australia


GNW 50km - Benn Coubrough

What shoes did you wear? Salomon Pulsar Trail Pro - Red

What went well? Pacing and fluid intake

What didn't work or went bad? Legs were heavy on the climbs from the weeks training and cramping in the final 10k - lack of technical training. Plus Had the anti fatigue caps but dropped my cliff blocks with extra sodium so was a little light on sodium

How did you overcome the challenge? Relaxed going down the rocks and stairs, keeping as straight and relaxed as I could and took extra fluids in to try and balance it out. The last section hot really hot and could feel my body over heating so on the firetrail had a few sections of 30 sec on the uphills to reset and refocus. Just focused on the 1k markers to use as drinking cues.

What was the best part of the event? Seeing the team at the finish and watching them finish, o and the ice block at the finish and the dip in the water.

Did you celebrate? Yes, had i reckon the best burger i have had from Lambton Park Hotel + plus 2 beers, the Shout - Keep Newy Weird, West Coast IPA ( came home and crashed for 3 hours haha hence why pod is late.

What’s next? UTK 50 - I think have to get a ticket but could maybe do the 100km


What shoes did you wear? A really old pair of Hoka speedgoats, all other shoes were wet from the recent rain we’ve had.

What went well? Being consistent with my training the last few months.

What didn't work or went bad? My legs were a bit tired heading up the first 150 Vert, probs shouldn’t have run Thursday morning and afternoon leading up to the event on Saturday. How did you overcome the challenge? Took it easy the first few km’s, easing into the run. What was the best part of the event? Beautiful scenery! The Terrigal Trotters are a top bunch, they put on a great event, such a great vibe! The Volly’s were awesome too!

Did you celebrate? Yes, afterwards with a coffee and bacon and egg roll. Yummo!

What’s next? Great Southern Stage trail run WA in 3 weeks.


What shoes did you wear? Brooks Cascadia 16’s

What went well? Very happy with it, body felt great, none of the usual hip flexor or knee aches. Fueling every 30 minutes or so worked, I never felt fatigued.

What didn't work or went bad? Slight ankle roll in the first 3 km’s, the heat off the fire trails in the last few km’s and my calves threatening to cramp the last 10 km’s

How did you overcome the challenge? Just kept the ankle moving and it didn’t cause any problems. Slowed down in the heat and drenched myself at the last water station, and downing all my tailwind helped with the cramps.

What was the best part of the event? The SNL crew ….. And being happy with my run.

Did you celebrate? I ate a lot when I got home

What’s next? Kosci 50.


What shoes did you wear? HOKA SPEEDGOAT What went well? Nutrition & my knee managed quite well

What didn't work or went bad? My headspace on fire trail section on way to finish. I started doubting if I was on right track & was frustrated how long that black gravelly section was! wasted time stopping to check Strava route blah blah blah

How did you overcome the challenge? Told myself to just get on with it & stop wasting energy. Reminded myself it was a training run & if I was off course I would ring Col & just keep running anyway.

What was the best part of the event? Being with SNL girls on start line & the high energy we were all feeling

Did you celebrate? Yep! Ben & Jerry’s Dairy free raspberry sundae ice cream

What’s next? Run Haven twilight half marathon 20 something in November


What shoes did you wear? Hoka Mafate

What went well? Paced the start of the race well, finished strong

What didn't work or went bad? Bit of pain in left knee descending stairs

How did you overcome the challenge? Lead with the left leg, which reduced the pain

What was the best part of the event? Running with friends and all the positive support

Did you celebrate? No

What’s next? Bouddi 21km if knee is ok, ( so many stairs ) otherwise Shotover 30km


What shoes did you wear? Hoka Torrent 2, courtesy of our friends at Pure Performance. What went well? The first 15km were great – kept to my pace and plan. Feeling good. Was good to know the course, having run that section 2 weeks ago.

What didn't work or went bad? First issue came around 9km when I rolled my ankle (again). After the 15km aid station, the course suddenly changed into a different beast. The next 10km out to the 25km turn around was challenging, with technical ups and downs, and then the returning 10km was beyond me. It was hot and the hills were hard. This was the first time I actually thought I couldn’t get up some of the hills and had a really hard time both physically and mentally. Plus, I lied to Karinne and told her I had put suncream on (sorry Mum!!), and my face got burnt.

How did you overcome the challenge? I didn’t – after finally getting to the top of the 35km climb, I called it quits at the aid station. Despite the guys at the aid station trying to rally me, telling me it was only 5km to the next station, that the worst of the climbing was over; the sign saying Woy Woy Rd was only 2km in the other direction was enough for me.

What was the best part of the event? It was the second time I have done this event (did the 25km two years ago). I love the low-key, community feel of the event. Also having such a large SNL presence would have been awesome, if I’d been able to get to the finish line. The photos looked great. And (not-quite) seeing Karinne finish the 30km was brilliant – so proud. Did you celebrate? Nope. I felt rubbish all afternoon. Although, did share a 20-pack of chicken nuggets with the kids on the way home.

What’s next? I’m meant to be doing the Kosci 100 in December. It now seems way too close.


What shoes did you wear? Hoka

What went well? My hydration and no stomach issues. Right amount of hydration throughout the race

What didn't work or went bad? Excruciating hip pain

How did you overcome the challenge? Stretched along the way and Tried to keep strong minded / willed to keep going.

What was the best part of the event? Being cheered in at the finish line by SNL crew

Did you celebrate? Had a cold beer!

What’s next? Kozi 50km


What shoes did you wear? Hoka Speedgoats

What went well? Hydration and nutrition I think? I didn’t get light headed or felt flat or thirsty. What didn't work or went bad? I felt great, then suddenly both Adductors cramped out of nowhere at 21k, 23k then at 29k, I may have spent too much time not moving and waiting I don’t know.

How did you overcome the challenge? Took a Cramp Assault each time, stayed still for about 15mins until the cramping subsided, had a caffeine gel and then only walked for a km. Next time take Pickle Juice as well and the Hammer tabs

What was the best part of the event? The SNL finish line smiles/claps/cheers

Did you celebrate? Had a Red Wine last night

What’s next? Tarawera 50


What shoes did you wear? Hoka challenger

What went well? Brief was get used to being uncomfortable and thanks to Kim I did

What didn't work or went bad? The heat

How did you overcome the challenge? Extra fluids

What was the best part of the event? The finish line

Did you celebrate? No

What’s next? TUM or UTA22


What shoes did you wear? Hoka Speedgoat

What went well? Supporting @Danielle Fleming to finish uncomfortable

What didn't work or went bad? Heat was a struggle How did you overcome the challenge? Finding shade and staying on top of fluids

What was the best part of the event? Finish line feels

Did you celebrate? No

What’s next? Kosci 27km


  • Blue Mountains - 22nd March 2024 !!! (8 weeks from event)


ATHLETES QUESTIONS - Preparing Drop Bags

  • Cold Bags from the Supermarket

  • Split the bags up to the checkpoints - 1st - last - clearing labeled and marking so you can find them (vollies will spot them quick as well) Brett Bancroft does this best - taped and print out on it

  • Keep the first bag simple as it will be early in the race, But always pack extra nutrition in case you drop something or miss a water station etc.

  • Pack bandages / band aids / Vaseline / Body Glide - spare pair of socks in case you may need them.

  • Have a bag for extra clothing if you have crew / or place a spare pair of shoes at the halfway or ⅔ marker / a key checkpoint (especially if weather is bad) pack extra shirt / jacket in there as well incase of a change or replace a jacket that may be wet early in the race - as well as shorts / pants should be in pack

  • Have extra soft flasks filled with nutrition ready to be pulled out of bags at the checkpoints - later in the race have caffeinated to help towards the later stages

  • Towards the end have coke / red bull / something that you can use mentally be looking forward to when you come into the checkpoint

  • Pack your nutrition in zip lock bags, separated all ready so you just have to pull them out and not search the whole bag

  • Pack a gel / chew / bar / or if you use fruit so you have a variety of options in case something isn't working or you don't feel like it (but its important you are training with it, sometimes if you're not wanting to eat to much you may not been drinking enough and or not enough energy before that point. So stick to your plan of hydrating and fueling

  • If you don’t have crew prepare your bags for everything, but it will be easier to keep it simple so there is less chances of things going wrong and or missing anything.

  • With clothes in your bags, have them in a bag so you not pulling them out while looking for nutrition and or they will stay dry if its raining or you have a leak in the bag.

  • Separate the fluid as will in a bigger ziplock bag so they don’t leak and are easy to pull out of the bag ready to go (hot races - some might freeze them to keep them colder for longer

  • Nutrition - Think of it as fuel and energy, that's all you need, so try not to focus on having specific items or flavors. Its good to plan a flavour of tailwind or a cliff bar in the different bags as well so you changing the flavours slightly and can have a small thing to look forward to

  • Prepare for using aid stations as well incase you need it - but simple and what you have had before.

  • Pack extra water in the bags as well so you can get extra if needed - or use to wash yourself and cool yourself down

  • Having a small towel is useful as well in the bags later in the race incase of mug or falling

  • Finish Line Bag - have closes - jacket/jumper to get warm straight away - have recovery drink/water/coke/a bar something to get energy in as soon as possible and you have that option then too.

QF’s WITH BENN (quick facts) Kim Macdonald

Favourite Race Experience? Finishing My first UTA 50km and having my best running friends at the finish - never thought i was capable and it scared the shit out of me.

Favourite race distance? 25km

Race you want to do? UTA 100km - one day!!

Best Learning and Running / Training Tip? Listen to the body- it knows best

Favourite Running Shoes? or shoes Brooks for road and Hoka for trail

Favourite Session of the Week? Easy short trail

Holiday Destination you want to travel to? Everywhere!!

Fun Fact / Something about you? I'm terrified of birds!

Thanks for joining me @ Beve with Benn. Stay tuned for updates. Post your questions and updates on racing

Stroke No Limits Coaching - stick to the mantra of my 3 D’s #desire #determination #discipline


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