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Well another Ultra Trail Australia has gone by... Great to see the running community come together again for the epic event that really turned up this year and brought the community together again!!

So proud of everyone's achievements with debuts at the event and or different races. PB''s and or taking on multiple races over the week.

For a more in-depth cover of the weekend, tune into the Podcast Beve with Benn EP 11 -

Congratulations for the UTA11 - Brooklyn 18th and Henry 33rd smashed the race. Lucas getting it done with Linda, who had trouble keeping up on the technical and downhill sections, was the beginning of a day adventure for Linda, Tib and Alice and all did so well out there, Colin had a tough day by his our standards, but really he smashed it and got through and should be proud of such a great result.

UTA22 - Friday's event again was not short of some amazing performances, Linda taking 1st in her age group, Alice and Tib taking on todays course with her Dad, another dad daughter day with Jacci and her dad Chris battling it out, well done to them both. Tanja had a better day then excepted from her report. Not much training but knew what to do! Gary did what Gary does and smashed along the course leaving with some sore leg before the 100km the following day.

Saturday morning and yes the UTA50 with you guessed it, Linda, Alice and Tib battling the UTA with the longest race thus far, Linda smashed a PB, yes and even a 6th in age group, Alice and Tib left there parents in bed for recovery as they used it for another day in the trails. Well done guys, massive weekend. Tan got down and dirty with a should day in the trails, while Danielle gave it a crack but took on one to many stairs, and through the pram off Wentworth falls, who enjoys stairs anyway. Right on !! Oli flowed through on the trails in just over 6 hours, I could hear Criag Koooeeeing at the finish line from QVH. No it wasn't the wild boar Brett encounted. Chirs more of an adventure with a nice long day out soaking in the event, was a big lift to see him with only a few km to go.

the little 100km was going on the same time, Adam toughen it out all day with another solid race back off lasts years race and found himself working a little harder then wanted early but held it all together with a big smile for the finish with the partner and friends at the finish.

Ben and Brett got stuck in the back of a pack of walkers that delayed their time a little to arrive at checkpoint 1 for the race to get underway. But Ben held strong and flowed around sipping on water and tailwind, having his wife and kids to support and keep him in high spirits. God knows what his crew gave him at QVH, flying down Kedumba to finish in 12:40, well done mate, strong finish! Brett got into his groove, flicked the hair back and was pushed on by his wonderful family in each of the crew points. Hurdled up Nelles Glen into the Aquatic centre, went looking for a high five from this son Ed but Ed was already high fiving a fellow Swans supporter Blake who for some reason got more attention after 57km on course. But that was soon forgotten when a wild boar jumped out of the bush and ran along side and the off in front back down the valley. I know there were complaints of not enough toilets on course, that might have been a good spot for one. But out with the poles and back into federal pass, up the stairs with all his will and might, to reach the top. Cheers from Di and his kids Henry, Ed and Oli, to which finished the race crossing all together. o and Blake was there also to congratulate and embrace the great sportsmanship he has passed on this kids.

Well my race was tail of do what I say and not what i do. where a new pair of shoes for the day, found by feet sore early on in and struggling to get any flow on the trails. That constant awareness of every step is not quiet what you want in a 100km, but battled on, hit most of my time points until Nelles glen when I had pulled away for the first females and to where I had started to make a bit of ground on a few others, but that's when my legs had other ideas and cramped up from 55-65km and just could not get going and as the story went for the day, working to hard for my legs to turn over, but I had a crampfix and kept my tailwind up reaching QVH not worrying about changing shoes and took off down the hill and battling all the way to finish line and the cheers from the crowd and the beautiful people who had help me all day, Linda, Di and the kids, they were awesome all day, its a tough gig, and they all had not just one person to worry about but a few of us out there, so thanks so much for all the help out there on Saturday.

Craig Storey hats for showing us how to push on through after having issues early on in the race and proving to so many out there that its easy to quit and give up. But it takes real strength to stick to your guns and when its not going your way to just focus on moving forward and doing anything you can to make the most of the opportunities your dealt and finish what you started. We all see it in some that when it gets tough and not going to plan and not going to achieve what they had set, quit throw in the towel and say I have another one to do. But can that cause other mental weaknesses, Turning up and knowing that you are going to finish no matter what, sets a standard and premise for us to inspire to and strive for.

Last for the weekend but not least, the KIDS 1km - Oliver and Ed, were front and center for the startline, leading the warmup dance also, see though drills at the future stars paid off and they took the lead for the dance off.. The race was short and fast, Ed claimed lead honors, but Oli was fast to claim it for being the youngest, Ill leave that fight for the boys to dance off over on Friday.


  • Benn Coubrough

1. Went well - nutrition plan

2. Didn’t go well - legs failed and should not have changed me shoes for the race

3. Overcome the challenge - manage the day the best i could and got through it the best I could

4. Best part of event - seeing everyone at the finish line and having help on course from linda and dianne

5. Celebrate - a couple of beer and dinner with Brett, Di, Linda, Jezza that night and Sunday for mothers day with Nicole, her mum and sister at the prince hotel.

  • Brett Bancroft

1. Went well - stuck to my plan to take it out easy.

2. Didn’t go well - didn’t manage to bring it home as strongly as planned.

3. Overcome the challenge - made sure I took it easy to limit the risk of aggravating a small meniscus tear that happened a few days before the race.

4. Best part of event - having my wife and three boys crewing me, seeing my eldest son run his first trail race (UTA11), seeing my two youngest lead the dance on stage before the kids race and then watching them run as well.

5. Celebrate - a couple of beef & vege soups to warm up and then a few beers to cool down with Benn, Linda, Jezza and my beautiful wife, Dianne!

  • Ben Darcy

My race highlight was having my family crew me. Having them at all of the checkpoints cheering me on was one of the best parts of my race

What went well: my overall race plan went very well. I had planned to start out a bit slower and build my way into the race and finish strong, which I think i did well. After a slow congested start I pushed a little harder than planned through the first third of the race to try and bring my average pace down a little bit to get back to where I needed to be. I went a little slower than planned through the 2nd third of the race as I was having issues with my stomach and feeling sick. Then pushed hard the last third to finish strong.

What didn’t work: my nutrition didn’t go well. When I train I run with 2 scoops of tailwind in each flask and I always feel fine. But every time I was taking sips during the race I was getting sick from around the 45km mark. ( I think as I was racing my heart rate was higher than during a training run and my stomach didn’t like it)

How did I over come: when I got into the Fairmont checkpoint I had my crew give me 1 flask of tail wind and 1 flask of water. From that point on I’d take a sip of tailwind then water and my stomach was fine. I chewed on a Clift block and some snakes to try and keep the calories up.

What was the best part of the event: all of the spectators and volunteers were so encouraging. Getting to the top of furber and running through the crowd that was cheering me on through the finish line was awesome. Also coming down iron pot technical section and Kurumba. Coming down iron pot I had other runners asking me how on earth can I run down that section so fast. And then 80km into the race bombing it down Kurumba overtaking people feeling like I was only 10km into the race was also great.

Did I celebrate: yes we went for a few drinks at mountain culture the next day to talk about our race.


  • Mount Royal - Beginning of June

  • Barrington Top - End of June

5 QF’s WITH BENN (quick facts) Peter Storey

  • Favorite Race Experience? New York Marathon

  • Race you want to do? UTMB CCC

  • Best Learning and Running / Training Tip? It’s ok to have a few days off.

  • Favorite Session of the week? Recovery Runs

  • Fun Fact / Something about you? When Parkrun started back after COVID, I ran 10 consecutive PB’s across multiple Parkrun locations and on the 11th Parkrun I didn’t PB but was 1st Overall.

Stay tuned for updates , Post your questions and updates on racing, Stroke No Limits Coaching - stick to the mantra of my 3 D’s #desire #determination #discipline

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