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SNL UTA 2024

Well what a weekend of racing !! So good to seeing everyone out at the UTA! So many great races and experiences. Lots of stories and adventures, some more challenging then others, but everyone put in the best efforts on the day and all should be so proud of their achievements

In the podcast i cover off all the results and some race reports. But I couldn't be any prouder of the team and the comradery we all share together. Coming together and supporting each other. Be there at the events, the messages on the chat groups. The sessions each week. We work hard, play hard and most of all enjoy the work we all put in to encourage each other to push the boundaries and be the best versions of ourselves.

Thank you team, I really appreciate everything that you do!


  • Intro Song -  Jellylegs - Children Collide

  • Welcome to Beve with Benn Episode 63

  • Beer of choice?  -  Mountain Culture Peaks and Pines WCIPA - Citrus

  • What happened last week and what's up this week


  • Training Talks - 

  • Weekly training review - Strava - Training Peaks

  • Upcoming Sessions

  • Athlete Interview - UTA Athletes

  • Upcoming Races - Coastal Ascent / Elephant Trail Race / The Guzzler Ultra

  • Running Experiences

  • Socials - Sundays Long Run

  • Coaches Corner & COMPLAINTS - Ned and is new world record attempt

  • Athletes Questions - Managing Expectations

  • QF’s with Benn - UTA Race Experience

  • Outro Song - Second Solution - Living End


  • Jessica Bree


  • Last week's training sessions (Strava)

  • Strava Leaderboard

  • Training Peaks - SNL Group 


  • Next week's Sessions

  • Refer Training Peaks

  • Sunday Long Run - Heaton Loop 


  • UTA 11km

Henry Bancroft - 1:16:32 - 13th - AG 5th - Gender 12th

Brookly Darcy - 01:19:53 - 22ND CAT RANK 4TH GENDER RANK 21ST

Linda Stanborough - 1:31:48 - 1st AG- 10th Female

Craig Sandy - 3:05:46 - 55th AG

Stuart Beasley - 1:48:24 - 15th AG

Danielle Fleming - 2:52:42 - 55th AG

Benjamin Sandy - 3:05:47 - 26th AG

Hugh De Rocquiguy - 1:29:32 - AG 2nd

Ruby Adams - 2:25:22 - 44th AG

  • UTA 22km

Linda Stanborough - 2:40 (3:20) 3rd - 45th

Danielle Fleming - 5:23:13 

Kate De Rocquigny - 3:13:40 - 48th

Nicole Smith - 3:30:47 - 70th

Deb Alterator - 3:23:44 - 9th

Fiona Adams - 5:40:33 - 139th

Ruby Adams - 5:40:35 

Sharon Clout - 4:00:13 - 115th

Jenelle Paramenter - 4:10:31 - 133rd

Elise troyer - 3:52:37 - 101st

Jacci Allanson - 3:27:59 - 76th

Chris Allanson - 3:36:41 - 19th

Kerry Allanson - 5:53:16 - 37th

Craig Sandy - 4:45:15

Sarah Sandy - 4:45:15 

Greg Newton - 3:27:06 - 30th

Ally Campbell - 5:28:09 

  • UTA 50km

Angela Clark - 9:04:18 - 96th

Sarah Jeffery - 7:57:23 - 60th

Terry Jones - 6:31:14 - 33rd

Elechia Jones - 10:49:27 - 136th

Craig Sandy - 7:13:40 - 61st

Linda Stanborough - 6:41:47 - 12th

Kristen Sukkar - 6:12:21 - 42nd - 5th

  • UTA 100km

Brett Bancroft - 12:59:36 - 107th - 12th AG

Nikita Bucknell - 18:38:50 - 12th

Mitch Clark - 19:12:27 - 130th

Benn Coubrough - 11:08:37 - 17th - 3rd

Ben Darcy - 12:06:27 - 48th - 14th

Heather Duffy - DNF - Super pacer for Linda

Steve George - 22:53:17 - 50th

Mark Hoult - 16:51:37 - 73rd

Linda Minter - 21:35:09 - 3rd

Joseph Mitchell - 13:24:26 - 34th

Declan O”Reilly - 23:05:00 - 87th

Melissa Ralph - 16:22:47 - 22nd

Craig Storey - 11:28:14 - 25th - 9th




  • 25/05 - Runaway Noosa Half Marathon

  • 28/06 - Brisbane Trail Ultra

  • 6/07 - Gold Coast Marathon

  • 12/07 - Elephant Trail Race

  • 20/07 - The Guzzler Ultra

  • 15/09 - Sydney Marathon

  • 5/10 - Lonely Mountain Ultra


UTA 22 - Kate De Rocquigny

What shoes did you wear? 

My trusty topos, still the best shoes ever.

What went well? 

My plan to thunder down Kedumba  got a 5k PB there. 

What didn't work or went bad?  

Nothing went bad or didn’t work, got caught in a conga line at the giant stairs so not sure how I could have changed that. 

How did you overcome the challenge? 

Just relaxed on the stairs when the guy in front took a step so did I, gave me a chance to recover before the run home.

What was the best part of the event and weekend ? 

Finishing well ahead of the goal was an awesome moment and having great support from the team! 

Did you celebrate? 

Yes with hungry jacks and pizza and a glass of wine.

What’s next?

Lonely mountain 32k unless I can be persuaded to have a go at Glenbrook marathon or Jabulani in August.

UTA 22 - Deb Alterator

What shoes did you wear?  Hoka Torrens 

What went well?  The weather ! The training , guidance and testing of food, the weather, the buses to get there, headlamp to help others to walk to the start, and the weather 

What didn't work or went bad?  The accommodation the night before - not bad but not good     

I decided to wear the UTA t shirt and it started to rub against the backpack and my collarbone.  It started to bleed

How did you overcome the challenge? 

Jiggle and wiggle the shirt and pack and used a tissue 

What was the best part of the event and weekend ? 

Oh so so many …..

The SNL team support, (before ,during and especially at the finish line ) and the genuine people that you meet, chat with and cheer on.   Especially on those bloody stairs.  “COME ON TEAM- we have this !!”

Did you celebrate? 

The chocolate protein milk was GREAT at the end 

Tried to get a decent coffee but failed.

We drove home as we had a family function     Enjoyed a wine and dinner before having to be excused early 

What’s next?

Elephant Trail 

Thanks again Benn and the whole SNL team

UTA 100 - Heather Duffy

What shoes did you wear? 

Brooks Cascadia 17

What went well? 

Fueling and pacing. Everything was going totally to plan. 

What didn't work or went bad?  

Increasing foot pain that I couldn’t seem to troubleshoot my way out of. 

How did you overcome the challenge? 

Never having had foot problems before I wasn’t sure if Kedumba was going to cause any damage - i’d had some shooting pain in my foot, and with OCC 3 months away I can’t really afford a long recovery or injury, so I withdrew at 80 km’s . 

What was the best part of the event and weekend ? 

Seeing all the crew run amazing races ( I’m so sorry I missed Nicole at the 22 finish- she came through too quick), and seeing Linda get that buckle. 

Did you celebrate? 

Not exactly, but I am really pleased with how everything was going, and despite the DNF Im sure I did make the right decision. 

What’s next?

Seeing Benn for different shoes …….

Elephant 25 before OCC.


  • Sunday - Social Runs

  • Lonely Mountain Ultra 5th October (Week before Nicole and Benn's Wedding) celebrate and race in Orange



  • Sunday Runs - All welcome (Heaton Loop)

  • SNL - UTA Tales & Ales 26th May

Thanks for joining me @ Beve with Benn. Stay tuned for updates. Post your questions and updates on racing

Stroke No Limits Coaching - stick to the mantra of my 3 D’s #desire #determination #discipline


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