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Stacking Bricks in January

January well under way and it's not long till the first few races of the yeat kick off in February.. A time to start tapering from this week. A little trip down to the Six Foot Track last weekend as well.

Great to see everyone working together and putting in the work.. Keep the legs ticking along team, not long for Shotover, Tarawera.

Recap of the episode of Beve with Benn. NO47.


  • Intro Song - Help Me Lose my Mind - Disclosure and London Grammar

  • Welcome to Beve with Benn Episode 47

  • Beer of choice?  Cod Mouth Gazy IPA, New England Brewery Urella NSW

  • What happened last week and what's up this week


  • Training Talks

  • Weekly training review - Strava - Training Peaks

  • Upcoming Sessions

  • Athlete Interview -  

  • Upcoming Races - Shotover / Six Foot Track

  • Running Experiences (Six Foot Track Sessions 28/1 & 18/2

  • Socials - 3 Day Bender in the Blue Mountains

  • Coaches Corner - 

  • Athletes Questions - Training Block ahead 

  • QF’s with Benn - Sharon Tonks

  • Outro Song -  The Song Formerly known as - Regurgitator


  • Nick Chapman

  • Ashleigh Curnow

  • Brady Grant

  • Charmine Rashleigh


  • Last week's training sessions (Strava)

  • Strava Leaderboard

  • Training Peaks - SNL Group 


  • Next week's Sessions

  • Refer Training Peaks

  • Sunday Long Run - Heaton Reps



  • 17-18/2 Tarawera Ultra Marathon

  • 17/2 Shotover

  • 24/2 Snowy Mountains Ultra

  • 3/3 Runfest Port Macquarie

  • 9/3 Six Foot Track

  • 15/3 Australia Alpine Ascent

  • 22-24/3 SNL Blue Mountains Bender

  • 22-24/3 Buffalo Stampede

  • 23/3 Noosa Ultra Trail

  • 6/4 Jabulani Challenge

  • 7/4 Canberra Marathon

  • 7/4 Mt Solitary Ultra

  • 7/4 Hill 2 Harbour

  • 21/4 Newy Marathon

  • 16-18/5 UltraTrail Australia


  • Six Foot Track Training 2 - 18/02 Feb (15-30k Options) Megalong Valley Rd - Jenolan Caves Rd

  • Blue Mountains - 22nd March 2024 !!! (8 weeks from event)



  • Sunday Runs - All welcome (Glenrock Loop)

  • Sunday Runs - Heaton Gap Loop


Speed Sessions

  • Increase in volume of the workouts and in slightly different ways to get a different stimulation and touching on different zoes

  • Fartlek session to work on Thresholds and help increase fitness with different recovery and also working while your heart rate don’t get too low between the reps

  • Increase reps, able to build on the sessions each week and therefore reflect and measure your fitness increases from the start of the block to the backend before tapering for the event

Trail Sessions

  • Different course and routes to help simulate the course and the terrain you will find in different races

  • Each week and session will have a key component involved to help develop different skills. Climb, descending, technical trails, with both ups and down or Thresholds.

  • Tempo session to help build threshold and fitness, having a climb and then a flat section to build strength in the legs with the ability to work and run the legs faster off a climb and sore quads, engaging the hamstring muscles as well.

  • Downhill running to help work on leg speed as well, help to increase your leg turn over and be more efficient 

  • Technical Running, working on your balance and speed in foot placement, developing the ability to work on finding the correct lines to run up or down.

  • Ability to work on your trailing running, lifting your knees, keeping your head up to get a better turnover in your legs and working your arms to all keep your body aligned and in synced

  • The courses / laps are all recorded on Strava so you can record your times and paces throughout to then reflect and measure you times each time you do the session or lap.

Strength Sessions

  • All session are to simulate running actions and to help develop those strengths to help with your running, either it be prehab, rehab in your running

  • Strengthening the muscles to handle to loads you put on the body, especially in the endurance running

  • Power to help with the muscle development and work on the ability for the muscles to build more force and power

  • Different functions and purpose for exercise to work in tendons and activation of the muscles. Different ways to perform the movements, either slowing down the tempo and or increasing the temp

  • Performing exercises in different angles to hit the muscles differently or to activate the tendons to provide different stimulus. l

  • Controlling and changing the eccentric or concentric phases of the movements to provide strengthening in flexion and extension of movement as well

  • Agility forms of exercises as well to improve mobility and performance, range of motion to allow for strengthening and activation

  • Improving your Posture, range of motion, strengthen and activations of muscles are the key factors

Long Runs

  • Improve endurance

  • Practice race distances, courses, terrain. Breaking it up also for aid recovery and loading on the body with a mix of trail and road, hilly course and some slower technical sections

  • Practice nutrition, fuelling and or equipment and clothing

  • Specific course to help develop different strengths and area to help with the many different races and distances

  • Build a stronger engine and body for the ultra races

  • Practice in hot and cold conditions

  • Mental strength and preparation

Rest / Recovery

  • Sleep

  • Fueling - Before - During - After

  • Compression / Ice Baths / Stretching / Yoga / Pilates

  • Dianne’s Posture Plus Session

  • You Tube videos in your program

  • Being aware of your body and listening to it

  • Getting onto niggles early to prevent bigger issues and not being able to run, losing consistency

  • Physio / Podiatrist / Chiro etc 

QF’s WITH BENN (quick facts) Sharon Tonks

Favourite race: Tarawera 22

Favourite distance: 10k is my comfort zone.

Race I want to do: Not sure. Being fairly new to trails. 

Best learning tip: Placing entire foot on stairs when climbing. Small steps coming down steep hills.

Favourite shoes: Hoka speedgoat for trail and Brooks GTS 22 for road. 


Favourite session:  I’m learning to enjoy the trail session.

Holiday Destination you want to travel to? Traveling to Croatia for 9 nights and Budapest for 3 nights then a river cruise to Bucharest in May this year.

Fun Fact / Something about you? I want to be doing parkrun when I turn 80.

Thanks for joining me @ Beve with Benn. Stay tuned for updates. Post your questions and updates on racing.

Stroke No Limits Coaching - stick to the mantra of my 3 D’s #desire #determination #discipline


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