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The 3 Day Bender....

3 Days in the Blue Mountains...... cracking weekend away training with the team... Both challenging and rewarding.

  • Intro Song -  California Dreaming - The Mamas & The Pappas

  • Welcome to Beve with Benn Episode 55

  • Beer of choice?  -  Be Kind Rewind NEIPA - Mountain Culture

  • What happened last week and what's up this week


  • Training Talks 

  • Weekly training review - Strava - Training Peaks

  • Upcoming Sessions

  • Athlete Interview -  Kristen Sukkar / Jacci - Kerry & Chris Allanson

  • Upcoming Races - Ridgey Didge Trail / Jabalani Challenge

  • Running Experiences (Blue Mountains Run)

  • Socials - 3 Day Bender in the Blue Mountains

  • Coaches Corner & COMPLAINTS - 3 Day Bender Breakdown

  • Athletes Questions -  Training is all relative to the individual 

  • QF’s with Benn - Matthew Stanborough

  • Outro Song - Born Slippy (NUXX)


  • Rory Wilson

  • Matthew Stanborough


  • Last week's training sessions (Strava)

  • Strava Leaderboard

  • Training Peaks - SNL Group 


  • Next week's Sessions

  • Refer Training Peaks

  • Sunday Long Run - Glenrock Loop 


  • Buffalo Stampede - Kristen Sukkar - 10:46:36 - 10th Female / 5th AG

10km - 1:27:25

20km - 3:06:30

42km - 6:12:39

Buffalo Stampede 100km Ultra

Amy Ryan - 19:05:35 (Mark Hoult and Mel Ralph help pace throughout)

Kunanyi Mountain Run

  • Jacci Allanson - 4:41:56 / 15min faster then last year

  • Chris Allanson - 4:45:26 - 6th AG

  • Kerry Allanson - 8:06:30 - 7th AG



  • 6/4 Jabulani Challenge

  • 6/4 Ridge Didge Trail Run

  • 7/4 Canberra Marathon

  • 7/4 Hill 2 Harbour

  • 21/4 Newy Marathon

  • 16-18/5 UltraTrail Australia

ATHLETE INTERVIEW - Kristen Sukkar (The Grand Slam)

Buffalo Stampede Grand Slam - 42 km Sky Marathon

What shoes did you wear? Today I wore the Innov-8 Ultra Trailfly G300, because they have more cushioning.

What went well? Everything, no complaints. My quads were a little tired from two days of running, but loosened up nicely once I started running again.

What didn't work or went bad? If I had to pick anything, it would be my toes. They got smashed with all the downhill, but that’s trail running. I don’t know any trail runners with pretty feet!

How did you overcome the challenge? I tried to scrunch my toes, so they didn’t hit the end of my shoe as hard, but it didn’t really work. I just put up with it and was thankful it was just my toes and not my knees causing me pain on the down hill. I was pleasantly surprised my quads coped so well with all the down hill, especially coming down Clear Spot for the second time in two days. It was really steep in sections and I made it down both times without slipping on my bottom like a lot of people.

What was the best part of the event? The guy on the PA at the start of the race. Giving us advice like “just gun it down the first section, it’s only 800m of descent in 6km, you’ll be fine”. Another one was “if you’re running with your friends, and you’re faster than them, just leave them behind, they’re only going to hold you back”. After he’d let the first few start waves of fast runners go, he then said to the rest of us “Don’t run the same way as them, I know a short cut…”

I guess after three days of announcing races, he was starting to get a bit silly.

Did you celebrate? Yes, I had a beer and pizza for dinner.


What was you favourite run ? Friday it was tough but a good challenge and the moonlight running up Furber was awesome. Was great running into all the crew finishing their runs

What run that challenged you the most?

Sunday I was soooooo sore and trying to run at all hurt but also adding speed was tough!

Any quotes or funny moments of the 3 day bender?

Ummmm when I thought I heard flutes in the bushes but I’d actually accidentally phoned a random number and it was hold music on my phone in the back of my tights

And quote from Terry ‘ I’ve been up more stairs this weekend than all last year’

Any other comments/complaints / feedback 

I’d like to lodge a complaint for Terry and I about being left in the cold on Friday night after the run and having to walk nearly all the way to YHA (thanks Elecia for picking us up )

Thank you


Favourite run, all of them all for different reasons. Friday was one of my favourite Blueys tracks, Hardest was Saturday with the 12 gazillion stairs that were not in the brochure but also good to see what my body could do and Sunday was a great track to go fast and change things up.

Would definitely be keen to go again!


  • Sunday - Bouddi Coastal Run

  • Blue Mountains - 22nd March 2024 !!! (8 weeks from event)



  • Sunday Runs - All welcome (Glenrock Loop)

  • Sunday Runs - Glenrock Loop


  • Friday  Night - Run 1 

QVH - Scenic World - Training the back end of the 50 and 100k course (possible 22km Course)

Scenic World - Fern Bower Loop - Training on single track and running @ night

  • Saturday Morning - Run 2

Scenic World - QVH + Kedumba rep - Training on the 50km / Middle of 100km Course - Endurance / stair training and on Fatigue

Scenic World - Wentworth Falls - Training on the 50/100km course / practice stairs and hills, single track on fatigued legs

Echo Point - Wentworth Falls - Training on the 50km coure/ stairs and on fatigue

  • Saturday Afternoon Sessions

Recovery Session - Bands + Yoga - Loosen up the body, activate and get the blood flow back into the muscles - help with recovery

Run 3 Recovery Jog x 5.5km Echo Point Loop (Dick Loop) - Shake out the legs to flush them out ready for the Sunday run

  • Sunday Morning - Run 4

Narrowneck out and Back - Open fire trail, with flowing trails up and down, giving you the change to open up on the flats and work on the ups and down, especially on tired legs to help develop running on fatigue and the back end of your ultra races.

  • Breakfast and Beers @ The Hatters & Mountain Culture - Refuel and Feed !!

ATHLETES QUESTIONS - Training is all relative

The concept of "training is all relative" for runners emphasizes the importance of tailoring training programs to individual abilities, goals, and circumstances. Here's how this idea applies:

  • Individual Abilities:

  • Every runner has a unique starting point in terms of fitness, experience, and natural ability. Training programs should consider these differences and be adjusted accordingly.

  • What works well for one runner may not be suitable for another. Factors such as age, fitness level, injury history, and genetic predispositions all influence the approach to training.

  • Goals:

  • Runners have different goals, whether it's completing a first 5K race, setting a personal record in a marathon, improving overall fitness, or simply enjoying the activity.

  • Training programs should align with these goals, whether they involve building endurance, increasing speed, improving technique, or a combination of factors.

  • Progression:

  • Training should progress gradually and incrementally to avoid injury and accommodate individual adaptation rates. What constitutes a challenging workout for one runner may be too easy or too difficult for another.

  • It's essential to monitor progress over time and adjust training variables such as volume, intensity, frequency, and recovery as needed.

  • Adaptation:

  • Runners adapt differently to training stimuli based on their unique physiology and response to stress. Some may respond well to high-intensity interval training, while others may thrive with longer, slower runs.

  • The principle of individual adaptation underscores the need for flexibility in training plans and the importance of listening to one's body.

  • Lifestyle Factors:

  • Training must fit into the broader context of an individual's life, including work, family responsibilities, social commitments, and other interests.

  • Balancing training with other aspects of life is crucial for long-term adherence and overall well-being.

  • Long-Term Development:

  • Sustainable progress in running requires a long-term perspective. Consistency and patience are key, and training programs should be designed with the understanding that improvement often occurs gradually over time.

  • What matters most is not comparing oneself to others but focusing on personal growth and development as a runner.

In summary, the idea that "training is all relative" emphasizes the importance of individualization in running training. By tailoring training programs to suit individual abilities, goals, and circumstances, runners can optimize their performance, minimize the risk of injury, and enjoy the process of improvement.

  • Next week - post questions in Messenger or FB page

QF’s WITH BENN (quick facts) Matthew Stanborough

Favourite Race Experience?

Finishing UTA100 under my goal time knowing what an achievement I had just achieved 

Favourite race distance?

21.1kms, but wanting to increase that to 42.2km more regularly 

Race you want to do? 

Want to take revenge on Sydney Marathon after a less than impressive result last year (all my fault as I did not put the training in)

Best Learning and Running / Training Tip? 

Trust the training and Consistency is the key

Favourite Running Shoes?

Brooks Ghost

Favourite Session of the Week?

Tuesday Runclub

Holiday Destination you want to travel to? 


Fun Fact / Something about you? 

If you see me running and the peak of my cap is backwards it’s sunny, if it’s frontwards it’s raining #glasseslife

Thanks for joining me @ Beve with Benn. Stay tuned for updates. Post your questions and updates on racing

Stroke No Limits Coaching - stick to the mantra of my 3 D’s #desire #determination #discipline


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