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Excited to bring the Bright Running Experience to the squad Stroke No Limits Coaching.

The Offering is 3 Epic Runs in 3 different locations offering a mixture of Steep Climbs, Technical Single Track, Rolling Hills, Epic sites and view points taking the Alpine region of Victoria, on some of the biggest climbs in Australia.

21st April Friday Afternoon 3pm - 22 km

Harrietville - 9km Climb following the switch backs until you reach the top, with a further 2km climb over the top to the summit of Mount Feather Top

22nd April Saturday 6:45 am - 11 am x 20-30 km

Buffalo 20km Loop - Taking on Brights biggest climbs, technical trails and descents, plus flowing single track. Plus an Extra 5-10km circuit of climbing through in case that isn't hard enough

Saturday 12pm - Bright Brewery for a feed and beverage + a swim in the River with the family

23rd April Sunday 6:30 am - 15 km Houn Hill

Those country roads your driving along and you see those rolling hills and you think, “wouldnt it be good to run up and down one of those, well this is actually one of the runs, Running a loop around Houn Hill, 15k with over 400m of climbing. Wrapping up with a Coffee @ Piccolo Pod Cafe

Looking for the April Bright Running Experience - the only cost is your accommodation and maybe buying me a beer on Saturday @ Bright Brewery

Contact - Benn Coubrough M: 0449908414 E:


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