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The Long Road ahead....

The Long Road ahead, its a journey and can be tortious at times, seemingly endless. But we inch closer with every step and each day to run that long road as the end nears closer. Tackling each of those long runs to arrive at the pinnacle of the performance and ready to reap the rewards.

6 weeks untill the UTA, a few have had some massive events in the last 2-4 months. The recovery is real and the toll those types of events, take a lot out of you. To stand back up and rebuild is tough. Having to bounce back knowing the effort and the time you put into get yourself ready for the previous event is stressful, daunting and hard to deal with mentally. Its important to step back and appreciate the training, the process and be patient with the journey as you rebuild the training. No need to panic or doubt yourself of the ability to come back and build back your fitness to where it needs to be for the next race.

You have time, the body is amazing and will respond quicker then you think, muscle memory in not just the body and the mind as well. When it comes to the day you will be ready, A few weeks back of consistent work and you will get there and it will start ticking and come together. There is always room to move in your own expectations and belief systems. Prepare yourself for the journey and the challenges and it will come together, give yourself the best opportunity and just show up and do your best with what you have. Enjoy the process.

The real secret of success is enthusiasm. Perfection has to do with the end product, but excellence has to do with the process. Jerry Moran

The Wrap up to another week, lots of events over the weekend with Jabalani Challenge, Hill 2 Harbour and Wooters Not a Race.

Some great results and lots to review and talk about over on the podcast on the latest Podcast "Beve with Benn" Episode 5 -

Training was another solid one with the Speed session on a Tuesday in Lambton and Maitland with differnet sets for the group. Thursday for Strength on a 1.3km Hiily loop in Glenrock. Good to hear and see the online guys getting in the sessions solo as well. Not always easy but getting it done and sharing the experiences online with the community.

A few of us escaped to the Blue Mountains on the Friday for a 42km run on the UTA 100km course, Brett and Ben getting in a long run, testing where thiee fitness is at and practicing their nutrition, as the UTA moves closer.

Recap for the results on the races over the weekend.

  • Hill 2 Harbour Results - Brooklyn 4th 51:37 , Noah 3rd 49:19, Caleb 2nd 46:28 in 14-15 cat , Colin lit up strava with 6 PB on the course , Deb smashed the hills with 5th in her Age Group, Danielle got it done after Jabalani on Saturday

Notes - the Boyn smashed it - Adrian 3rd Harry 5th (first in age cat) - and Geogina Josh first in age cat , Lucinda 1st on her bday

  • Jabulani Challenge 45km (Linda Stanborough 4th overall and 2nd in age cat - 5:24) Danielle 22km 3:55 - not a PB but a massive improvement on last year and a stronger run that proves her shift in mindset and training is on the up

Wooters Not a Race 2nd April - good to see the locals get a good hit out for Chirs and Tanja Sealby, Tib and Alice but a lots of other local runners. Say not to be able to be there, but hard to be in two places at once.

Here are come of the interviews for the recap of the Hill 2 Harbour 12km

Race: Hill 2 Harbour 12km - Brooklyn Darcy

  • What went well? Beat his 10km PB by 2min and a half minutes

  • What didnt work or went bad? Felt sick 1-2km into the race and lasted most of the run

  • Who did you over come the challenge? Pushing through the sickness, and pain and kept the mindset strong

  • What was the best part of the event? Having a strong finish even though i wasn’t feeling 100% and getting the race done

  • Did you celebrate? Was treated for breakfast from mum and dad :)

Will add that he recently smashed his PB at parkrun with 19:07 and won his school cross country avg pace under 4 mins - he is 14 i might add

Race: Hill 2 Harbour 12km - DEB ALTERATOR

What went well ? The preparation for the hills. Slowly just tapping it out and…. Keeping my head up

  • What didn’t go well?

The last week has been full of bits on my mind and I didn’t have much warm up runs and good sleep … but that is all okay. In the run itself ., My toes started to really give me grief in the last 2 klm I just straightened up and then tried breathing in through my nose and relaxing and enjoying those around me. Of course giving out some positive vibes of……. “We have got this !!!!

  • Best part … seeing some friendly faces at the start and that settled my nerves and lack of sleep. … getting a couple of woot woots from people and I got a couple of jumps in Ta dah

  • Celebrate…. I loved that banana at the end and the shower at home. It made my day to see that the training has really helped me - thanks Benn and SNL team and I got fifth in age and I could see the lady who got fourth lol.

Race: Hill 2 Harbour 12km - NOAH SMITH

  • What went well?

Felt good through out the race and had a nice pack to stay with. I used the breathing techniques that you have taught us and that helped through keeping the pace.

  • What didn’t go well?

Through the race especially the hills I felt really fatigued as I reached the top but other wise felt good.

  • How did you over come the challenge?

I over came the challenge through keeping the tips and tricks we have been taught in hand and using them through the race to finish strong

  • What was the best part of the event? The best part of the event was when I got over the hill and found my rhythm that kept me going throughout the race

  • How did you celebreate? I celebrated with one of my good mates Caleb who had a spectacular run and got top 20 and we spoke about the race and all the challenges we had and how we can make it better

To listen to Calebs recap tune intothe Podcast.


How to plan your race calendar to prevent burnout.

  • Setting Goal Races A,B,C

  • Not having too many A races - using the B & C races as training races

1.Splitting your A races - having 2 max (one at the start of the year and then at the end

2. Using B & C races in the build for the A races, might be 6-4 weeks before to use as a test / practice gear, nutrition, test the training.

3. Having a race at the end of a block of training to test the fitness

  • The Distances and the recovery between those races is important for recovery

  1. Ultra’s generally need roughly 3-6 weeks of recovery, the first 2 weeks after races should be easy and just jogging, full focus on recovery and healing the body, the mind also and removing all stress. Stress of training, fuelling, its all stress

  2. The longer the race / effort the longer recovery needed - marathon might be 4 weeks, 100-160k - could be 6 weeks.

  3. Shorter races, 5k - 10k take less time, hence why runners can fit more of those races in a schedule and will set their A races around those others races to make sure they are not peaking to early in a season and or trying to hold onto fitness for too long and then burnout. Chasing PB’s every race etc

  4. Resetting the system, getting in more sleep, to recovery, and eating healthy and clean to aid the systems in recovery, its good to let your hair down and treat yourself time to time, its a stress of restricting yourself, so do it on an occasion or plan it into your schedule, lifestyle.

  5. The Routine is good to maintain, jogging instead of doing the session, adding in more stretches, mobility in place of a workout etc.

  • What events to choose ??? Something we are good at or something out of our comfort level, being either distance or terrain?

  1. Choosing an event you will enjoy the training for, a distance, a location, a course and the people you are surrounded with

  2. A distance that you can train for, you have the time to train for, a distance your body is ready for, a race that will fit in with your lifestyle, family and or work commitments

  3. Aligns with you WHY ?? WHY you run

  4. Get uncomfortable, so something that challenges you, Don’t limit yourself, the limits are your own, change your belief systems and have belief in your abilities. Don’t hold back in the fear of not being good enough and or fear of that other thing or preserve. Do your best - have a good, there is no fail - First Attempt In Learning

  • Risk V Reward. When is time to reduce your load?

  1. Injuries - if you feel something coming on and or you are pulling out of training sessions, long runs - address it early with you training partners, coach, seeking a health professionals, communication to seek advise and or if you are not feeling well.

  2. You are not recovering, your tired all the time, your not sleeping well, your mood is changing, anger, stress, appetite is off.

  3. Holding the training load for too long and not having any down weeks, to many workouts back to back or in a week, pushing every session too hard and not sticking to the assigned paces for the workouts. No easy runs

  4. Races - having back to back races and pushing too hard, comes back to commitments around the events and training, travel, looking after kids, family members, working hours etc

  • Training blocks for goal events and how to keep consistent to prevent peaks, troughs and overuse injury.

  1. 12 weeks is a standard base, or 10 weeks depending on where you are at in a fitness point of view - this \could be planned in the schedule with your A.B.C Races

  2. 16 weeks is a long block, but it may not be too specific until 10 weeks in, as the first block is about building fitness, eg the long run volume, strength training, rebuild from injuries or testing levels

  3. Breaking the blocks into segments (Base - Build - Peak - Race)

  4. Injuries as mentioned before - overuse could be a factor or doing alot of runs at the same pace, or on the same terrain, too many long runs or too much speed work, too much elevation, increased milage etc, depends :)

  • How much do we really need to train?

  1. How long is a piece of string :) depends, the distance, the time you have available the importance of the race

  2. You can still race the events you want on little training but the expectation needs to be flexible, on the outcome, the results will differ, depending on your experience, history, and level of athlete, people respond differently as well and suit certain types of races and training.

  • The importance of doing a social joy run every now and then

  1. Happiness, Enjoyment, Culture and Community

  2. Volunteering, giving back to the events,

  3. Helping friends and family and the opportunity to do what you enjoy

  4. Supporting local events or running groups

5 QF’s WITH BENN (quick facts) Nicole Smith

  • Favorite Race Experience? Blackmores Sydney over Harbour bridge best experience for first race something special running over the harbour bridge did it in 1 hour 16 for my first race was so happy and the look on Benns face when I finished he was so proud I ran 5pm with no water haha aid station in 10 klm is every 5klm I was dying of thirst but ran like someone was chasing me

  • Race you want to do? UTA has a soft spot in my heart. Next up 22km 2024

  • Best Learning and Running / Training Tip? Hold your held up xx

  • Favorite Session of the week? Tuesday mornings love a run around park it’s so peaceful

  • Fun Fact / Something about you? Fun fact Sundays are my favorite days, Benn and I always do a Sunday arvo pub drink and I like how the coach always makes me smile

Thanks for another great week team... See you all during the week, I hear there are a few birthdays this week.


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