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UTK - 6th Place, 2nd Age group -  12:18:19

UTK - 6th Place, 2nd Age group -  12:18:19

Ultra Trail Kosciusko 100km. Well I think a lot of us underestimated the course and the conditions that unfolded. A challenging day it ended up being, will what 100k races arnet :)

I picked up a ticket 2 weeks before the race, registering just to complete the 100. As I knew i would be tired and busy with work and crew Coast to Kosci the week before. Plus the 50k had sold out so i thought I could run the 100k and then double back to help crew Jason and Linda at the last few checkpoints in their 100k races. I wasn't mentally wanted to dig deep and raced after doing UTMB earlier either. Hadnt really tapered either, had run 150k the week before and 130 before that, so I was worried that might bit me in the back end :)

Dillon stepped up to help crew me after he had C2K the week before. So we drove down Thursday and checked in. Was able to make the finish for the 27k and 50km runners.Speak to the team about their experiences on course and how hard they found it. The climbs to humidity and heat, I was thinking well if might be a little more slower and difficult then anticipated.

So hit the startline, ready to just enjoy it have a good run in the beautiful mountains around. Haven't run on much of the course either so was excited to see it. I kept my nutrition simple - Tailwind - Hammer ANit-fatigue tabs - Cliff Blocks - Cliff Bars - Coke - Red Bull - Water. So Dillon had it as easy as possible. Had a change of clothes and shoes just incase but that was only if the weather was really bad and or the day didn't go to plan.

Started off straight up to Eagles Nest and then the walking section on the cheese graters.. mandatory 45 min walking section taking it easy and talking to a few boys Chris and Julian., Arrived 6 mins early so just went to the toilet and waited to then continue up to the summit, still keep in controlled and not over working in 40th position, saw a few people taking off and knew I would pull a few back after charlottes pass. Was 25k from the start to checkpoint 2, seeing Dillon and was in and out in 20 seconds, changed Tailwind bottles over and was back out for the next section. Again steady on the climb, had already over taken 10  places. Was a good section following the trail around the back from charolettes pass, 

There was another 5-6 runners ahead but I was slowly reeling them in and just still kept it easy know the last 30k was going to be hard. Reached the next checkpoint 37k and had only gone through one bottle so stopped refilled it and on the way out poor Dillon was running up the hill and had missed me, I tried to help him relax as I knew he was pissed missing the checkpoint but I only needed to refill the bottle, was in and out taking another 21 spots in that section. The next checkpoint was at 54km. This was a difficult section with lots of grass and trenches to run on, was really humid and the heat of the day was starting to sting. Was making sure I was keeping up with my tailwind but was hanging for some water. Same into Sponars and poured water over my head, drunk a bit and just changed the bottles over of tailwind, in and out again about 20 secs. 

The next section was a lot of road, big limb out and then down the road before heading into the trails again.Taking a few more runners and then could see more ahead as I wheeled them in on the climb and left them on the down hill. The weather had changed during this stage, a bit of wind and the rain started coming down. Was cooling the body off and was liking the run down the hill, the flow was comfortable, had to slow myself down a few times. Not to get carried away and bang up the quads. For the last 30k I had been around the slead female, Patrica who was running a smart race and was similar to me so she wasn't far behind me and been gaining on the same runners. Turned into the trail and the rain had stopped, which meant the humidity had risen ! The trail was nice to run on but it was hot. 

Came into Sawpit 64km with Dillon again in the perfect position, Changed the tailwind over, drank a Red Bull and grabbed an extra bottle of tailwind to take with me as I knew this was going to be a tough section. 88k will be the next checkpoint. Had run myself into 9th place as this stage, so top 10 and I knew there were other not far ahead. it was 4k of single trail until there was a water station, to which with a good surprise i saw Mel Ingham :) I hadn't used much but knew I wanted more water so the extra bottle i topped up with water. Leaving that water point, I had past another 2 runners, It was all single track, winding around and slightly uphill... 

This section was brutal. Was hot, humid and slightly uphill hill, no give in any of it. I was getting tried and I think the 150k week of running the week before started to catch up :) I was stated to run and walk and then after awhile I pulled my poles out to get some momentum in the legs and started to move better and got into a rhythm. Passing a couple of runners, In this section I had started to have a few cliff blocks for more energy, margarita for the extra sodium. during the day i had also been having about 2 anti-fatigue tabs around an hour apart as well. 

Coming into Bullocks Flat, 88k I ran into 7th place. Was hurting, taking my longest stop of 65 sec. Poured another bottle of water over me, sculled a bottle of coke, and wanted another but Dillon only had one :) so sculled a can of red bull instead :) changed the tailwind and was out again!!.  88k down and knew this next section was going to be tough. Rolled on through with my poles as they were help with the rhythm to keep the legs rolling. I was almost going to had the poles in around 64k. So glad I didn't!!

This was more single track, still hot and humid, slightly uphill and I just had to keep rolling, didn't want to drop a place and who knew how far i was from the rest. I was 39mins from 5th spot leaving 88k and finished only 18 mins behind so made a lot of time in the back end of the course. just over 8k to the final checkpoint. Run into it with Dillon ready and changed the bottles over, sculled another bottle of coke and topped up my cliff blocks. Out I went again in about 20 seconds.

The final run - 9.6k to the finish. Now in 6th place. Was wanting this to end. Saw a deer as i turned the corning on the track, it moved off as quickly as I could through the single track. Dillon reminded me that there was 267m of elevation left (thanks Dillon that picked me up ) haha Drudging along trying to keep the momentum. Looking out following the river, Patrcia's partner was out cheering all day so was great to get the extra cheers from him for a pick up when it was hard :) A few k to go and saw Alex and co for a another lift as the weather started to change. The thunder started and could see flashes of lightning. I was 1.5k away from the finish and I could hear the announcers telling people to get inside a thunder storm is hitting. So I was like great, they aren't going to call it when I so close to the finish ?? The last k you head back into the trail and out the back of the start of the ski lift, more climbing :) but hit the downhill and legs still felt ok and powered down the hill and rounded in to the shoot.. Dillon was out cheering !! but everyone else was inside :) nobody out to greet me at the finish. the announcers on the mic were inside. two girls lifted the covers from there marquee and said congratulations - What size shirt are you :) haha

But walked inside and was greeted by a standing ovation. What a race and a day, thanks to those that were around at the finish i really appreciate it. 

Thanks to Dillon for crewing. The Stroke No Limits Coaching crew for all the support hhe fun and hard sessions. The Long runs and all the others around the community that had to all the pieces that make the team tick and work. Nicole the special person who allows me the time to do these adventures and travel around to all these running races. Been a tough few week. Love you 

Thanks to those that help and support me along the way as well, Perskindol aiding the recovery, Tailwind Australia for fueling before, during and after. Fusion for supporting the team with their Running Gear. Plus the team at Pure Performance and Footmotion. Salomon Australia best shoes and pack, can't using anything else and loving the new Suunto watch as well.

Thats a wrap for 2023!! Bring on 2024 !!!


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